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The community councillor

The community councillor

By Sean Car An educator, publican, family man and proud member of the Flemington-Kensington Bowls Club – you’d struggle to find a more community-minded councillor than Davydd Griffiths.  Originally from Bendigo, the Flemington resident has lived and worked in the City of Melbourne for much of his life since first moving to the city as

Bringing Melbourne back better than ever

By Sean Car Young, driven and full of ambition for reviving Melbourne from the pandemic – newly elected councillor Roshena Campbell is passionate about creating a better city than the one we had before COVID struck. The 36-year-old barrister and mother of three could be easily forgiven for already having enough on her plate, but

Driven by diversity

By Sean Car First-term City of Melbourne councillor Jason Chang said he was driven onto the council by a desperate need to give a greater voice to the city’s Asian community. The 35-year-old, who owns the prominent Calia Emporium on Lonsdale St, said that while the pandemic had been challenging for all of Melbourne, it

New councillor is a “unionist at heart”

By Sean Car Having snuck into the final councillor position at last year’s local government elections, CFMEU member and new councillor Elizabeth Doidge said she was looking forward to helping shape and reactivate the city that she loves.  A proud “unionist at heart”, the 31-year-old was elected to the City of Melbourne council on Lord

A true community councillor

By Sean Car When CBD News’s sister publication Docklands News ran Jamal Hakim’s image on the front page of its September 2020 edition ahead of last year’s City of Melbourne council elections, he really would have liked his chances!  And sure enough, the long-term Docklands resident, multicultural campaigner and managing director of a national health

The making of a lord mayor

Robert Doyle’s six years as Lord Mayor of Melbourne has benefitted both the city and the man himself. Melbourne has had a highly articulate, hard working and talented champion.  And Cr Doyle has experienced a rehabilitation of sorts and has emerged a better person. This is largely because of the nature of local government.  Although

Behind every great lord mayor, there’s …

By Shane Scanlan Susan Riley’s remarkable career as deputy lord mayor is a by-product of being driven to succeed. Cr Riley says she never asked for the role but successive lord mayors John So and Robert Doyle have both enlisted her services. She says she never imagined herself in the role nor aspired towards it. 

Rabble-rouser finds his niche

By Shane Scanlan Cr Stephen Mayne had outgrown the City of Melbourne almost before he got there. With peerless credentials in media, business and politics he has effortlessly grasped the role of capital city councillor and has already left an indelible mark by making the council more publicly accountable. And while there are plenty of

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