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Why it’s ok to hibernate in winter

By Maria Doogan Many people believe that the seasons are caused by the earth’s distance from the sun.  That in winter its orbit takes it further away from the sun, causing temperatures to plummet, and that conversely, summer is when our planet is closer to the warmth, thus warmer. In fact, according to NASA’s suspiciously

On the meaning of life and being a badass

This month’s commute has seen me working my way through Michele de Kretser’s “The Life to Come”.  Like some long journeys it’s only now, as I approach the final few pages that I actually think I understand the meaning of all those words I have been reading, reluctantly, begrudgingly and only because it is a

Commuting and content go hand in hand

Consuming content and commuting – at least on transport where you’re not behind the wheel – go together for me, and, looking around me on the tram, for most people.  Whether it’s social, fiction, non-fiction, work-related or celeb infused, people are reading, listening, scrolling and surfing their way through screens and – reassuringly – pages

Baby it’s cold outside

By Maria Doogan, CBD worker One thing led to another and then another and I found myself reading an article about the recent discovery of the coldest known object in the universe.  An “ultra-cold” (great description right? – very unscientific!) nebula – colder than the natural background temperature of empty space, with a temperature of

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