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On the meaning of life and being a badass

This month’s commute has seen me working my way through Michele de Kretser’s “The Life to Come”.  Like some long journeys it’s only now, as I approach the final few pages that I actually think I understand the meaning of all those words I have been reading, reluctantly, begrudgingly and only because it is a

Commuting and content go hand in hand

Consuming content and commuting – at least on transport where you’re not behind the wheel – go together for me, and, looking around me on the tram, for most people.  Whether it’s social, fiction, non-fiction, work-related or celeb infused, people are reading, listening, scrolling and surfing their way through screens and – reassuringly – pages

Baby it’s cold outside

By Maria Doogan, CBD worker One thing led to another and then another and I found myself reading an article about the recent discovery of the coldest known object in the universe.  An “ultra-cold” (great description right? – very unscientific!) nebula – colder than the natural background temperature of empty space, with a temperature of

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