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City folk return to the arcades

City folk return to the arcades

By Rhonda Dredge The grace of the CBD is undeniably in its arcades but these grand urban spaces from the days of polite society are usually too full of tourists to be that attractive to local city folk.  Collins St residents Robyn and Phillip have been loyally passing through the arcades during the lockdown. “We

Staying open

By Rhonda Dredge The small community of business people at the top of Bourke St is keeping itself going by staying open and giving each other encouragement through the hard times.  Carmel Dwyer has kept normal hours at her newsagent even though takings are down 80-85 per cent. A neighbour drives her in from West

How life is changing for CBD locals

By Meg Hill In an apartment in the city, a semi-retired couple with careers in health economics behind them have been watching the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis play out. Jeff and Bronwyn Richardson, aged 69 and 73 respectively, live in an old art nouveau building on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth streets.  Jeff, the founder

An interesting woman

By Rhonda Dredge When Lynne Wenig moved into one of the earliest office building conversions in 1995 she found the CBD quite bland but she soon discovered she had the skills to make a home here. Her father had been a graphic designer in New York and she had lived in Manhattan during her formative

Taking the turtle for a walk

By Rhonda Dredge A figure walks through the city. She’s trying to feel her way into the spaces. She isn’t sure where she is heading. A flash of colour or an open door might lead her astray. Bronwen Kamasz could be in a movie, one of those slow motion sequences in which the moments seem

When art does all the talking

By Rhonda Dredge Private collectors are shy, hiding behind their artworks, but they do love to make a fuss about the artists in their collection.  Jan van Schaik has 128 works in his small Bourke St apartment and most are squeezed into the hall. He can list the names of all of them and is

Seniors out of the suburbs

By Meg Hill Bill Clark has Melbourne’s Peregrine falcon livestream playing on the computer in his apartment. After a while, the falcon stands up, revealing the nest at the top of 367 Collins St. The 74-year-old’s life fits into his small apartment in Elm Tower on Little Lonsdale St, and a look around the room

To teach is to listen

In 13 different spaces within the City of Melbourne, 1500 retirees regularly congregate for classes as part of the University of the Third Age (U3A). Charles Klassen teaches a short course on the Literature of Power, Law and Justice that begins with the Epic of Gilgamesh, moves through Greek and Egyptian justice, the Middle Ages,

One of the mob

By Rhonda Dredge The buildings are grander and more institutional if you approach the CBD from the north. Even the houses on the northern fringe have arched verandas.  These classical forms speak clearly of an early Melbourne that took itself seriously. Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell St was the place you ended up if you

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