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On walking, and being

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” Friedrich Nietzsche I am reading a book at the moment called ‘The meditation of walking’. It’s a hard book to get into and an even harder one to go back to because the pace of the book is slow, ambling, self-absorbed and concentrated on one thing, walking 

Seeking out soulful

I learned three things about myself on the tram this morning. I am naturally curious about life and that I’m actually getting more curious as I get older. This, combined with a natural tendancy I have to second guess everything about me, and to question the whole basis of my existence on a regular basis,

On being present

By Maria Doogan Spring is in the air. Every sight and every sound. Beyond warmth and wattle trees blooming, it’s a feeling of hope, optimism, and looking forward coloured by whatever is your favourite hue – for me, it’s the yellow of the heart chakra. And a great time for new beginnings. Or so I

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