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City planning – a view from the top

City planning – a view from the top

I recently managed to catch up with Roz Hansen about her thoughts on the direction of Melbourne’s Central Activity District.  Roz is a highly experienced urban planner and she is chairing the re-convened Plan Melbourne Ministerial Advisory Committee – reporting to the Minister of Planning, Richard Wynne. Her role on the committee started under the

Bright White Night

This years’ installment of White Night has come and gone and each year the event improves and is more engaging for different age groups and different interests. This year‘s event was better planned and simply more fun.  White Night has now been running for three years and, whereas in the previous two years it was

Where has all the good architecture gone?

By Antony Di Mase There is one problem – there have been few good pieces of architecture built here in the past five years.  This is a shame as the Central Activity Centre has been the heartbeat of Melbourne architecture. For generations Melbourne has re-defined itself from gold rush extravagances to mid-century elegances to a

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