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Light Scape

By Chris Mineral Immerse yourself in a brilliant sound and vision show at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (RBGV) in June and July.  After the sun has set there will be a tremendous light show among the trees and gardens. Entitled Light Scape, the installation will run from June 19 to July 19. There will

Reflecting on heritage

By Tristan Davies The current shutdown has given many of us pause to reconsider our impact on the world and the way we structure our lives and build our cities, and heritage should take a place in that discussion. Numerous studies show that heritage protection, among other community-focussed urban planning frameworks, can have a significantly

Keeping it light

By Rhonda Dredge Anna MacDonald works at the Paperback Bookshop at Bourke St and she’s published a book of essays called Between the Word and the World that deals with the concept of distance. The book claims to be about walking and being-in-the-world but it is quite academic in style. Place is mostly used by

Curbing bad behaviour with “positive architecture”

By Alex Smale of The Knight – owners’ corporation managers There is a concept within design known as “hostile architecture” which describes attempts to use built environment to modify behaviour. As soon as you learn about this you will start to see it everywhere.  A common example is skate stoppers, which are metal strips often

A match made in heaven

By Tamara Clark Two-and-a-half-year-old spoodle Charlie loves to play tug of war with his owner, Caitlyn. The pair are a “match made in heaven”, she told CBD News last month. They get along fantastically well because both of them are both big time explorers.  While Melbourne has always been home to Charlie, it hasn’t been

Cladding: are you on the funding list?

Does your building qualify for support from the state government’s cladding rectification fund? It’s a common question and we were delighted to be approached recently by Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) with an offer to explain the process in detail. CSV was established last year to work with individual owners, identified by the Victorian Building Authority

A concierge’s perspective on vertical living

By Dr Janette Corcoran Many vertical villages count their concierge as among their most valued feature, but how do these “keepers of the keys” view our vertical lifestyle? Often the first person encountered when starting your vertical living journey is the building concierge.  It was for me.  And I really liked the idea that I

When the going gets tough …

By Susan Saunders City residents get going. The online world is buzzing in the time of COVID-19 as humans do what they do well. Innovate. Collaborate. We residents live in a beautiful city. Have you noticed that Father Autumn does not know about the virus? April and May often show Melbourne’s weather at its best

Putting the relationship first

By Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle The massive crack of thunder and the blindingly bright flashes of lightening smashed the darkness in my bedroom to smithereens and snapped me from my slumber at 3am in the morning.  But the one thing that kept me awake for the rest of the night was the image of

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