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Charity begins in Bourke St

Charity begins in Bourke St

By Rhonda Dredge Publishers are rushing out Christmas specials this year to make people think. Myer’s sells cards to support the needy but the publishing industry can be just as charitable.  Boxes were arriving at bookshops as early as September. By October the specials were laid out on tables for bookshops to recommend. One delivery

Melbourne’s 1854 Exhibition 

By Rosemary Cameron, Royal Historical Society of Victoria In 1851 London staged The Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace, Hyde Park.  Six million people passed through those crystal doors and the event became a defining point of the nineteenth century. Spurred by London’s success, industrial nations competed to showcase their innovative engineering and scientific advances.

On being a goddess …

By Rhonda Dredge What a relief it is to indulge in fantasy at the show in Craft Victoria’s new gallery in Watson Place just off Flinders Lane. Strange headpieces for goddesses hang off the ceiling, oversized earrings dangle from imaginary ears and warrior vests in brilliant orange dissolve into the general moodiness of the display.

Sugar’s work is just schweet

By Lorriane Ellis  Sugar and I began our chat discussing Hosier Lane.  Miraculously, his piece from Meeting of Styles 2016 has survived – being painted up high has given it longevity. “No-one’s really interested in painting there anymore as the place is trashed! Those who persist and are brave or foolish enough to accept the

An experience of sublimation 

By Chris Mineral Rommel was in North Africa and Colonus the mudlark won the Melbourne Cup the year the MSO first performed Debussy’s La Mer. Debussy inspired Maurice Jarre, the French film composer who sired Jean-Michel Jarre, whose Oxygene 4 would be the theme music for the 1980 Americas Cup updates from Newport Rhode Island.

Are missing floors missing heritage?

These days, more and more heritage activists and city planners are faced with the question of how additions to historic buildings should be managed. These could be small wall or roof additions, or the addition of multiple new levels. And how do these additions affect its later heritage status? But what do we do when

Perhaps a book for Christmas?

By Richard Broome, Royal Historical Society of Victoria In November-December the RHSV is gearing up for Christmas.  Our bookshop offers many fascinating books on Victorian history which are available online through or by direct purchase from our premises at 239 A’Beckett St. On offer will be many books from the recent Victorian Community History

Tick of approval for new skyscrapers

By Laurence Dragomir, Urban Melbourne A couple of skyscrapers which have been at planning for the better part of three years were recently approved via different channels. The first project at 63 Exhibition St was last month granted a permit by the Minister for Planning for a Bates Smart-designed mixed-use tower. When the project came

Dog-sitting in the CBD

By Shantelle-Ann Marquis Pepe is a one-year-old Cavoodle, a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross. “Pepe is actually my neighbour Andrew’s dog. Andrew has gone to South East Asia for a few weeks and I have been taking care of Pepe,”  Sharon Wong said. Ms Wong is an art conservator from West Melbourne and

Short-stays behind property price pain

By We Live Here The Victorian Government must address the state’s unregulated commercial short-stay industry, if it’s serious about fixing Melbourne’s housing affordability crisis. New  statistics show the city’s average unit price is now $564,540 – up 2.1 per cent in the last quarter. The median house price rose to $818,000. Melbourne is now at

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