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Moving from surf to new turf

Moving from surf to new turf

By Emma Hartley CBD local Zack has brought a new face to Flagstaff Gardens – little pugapoodle Winnie.  Winnie has recently moved from Port Melbourne where the shoreline provided the daily walking spot. “We lived near the beach and she loved it,” Zack said. “She can swim, but only in the shallows. She does enjoy

Nicholas Building on the market

By Tristan Davies – President, Melbourne Heritage Action You may have heard the recent news of the Nicholas Building on Flinders Lane going up for international sale for the first time in 48 years. The Nicholas Building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, the state’s highest level of protection, meaning both inside and out

Delivering on the services Stolen Generations people say they need most

By Emma Hartley The state government dedicated $300,000 to cover the funeral costs of Stolen Generations people thanks to advice from the Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee. Ian Hamm is a Yorta Yorta man who is chairperson of the Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee, as well as chairperson of the Koorie Heritage Trust and has

Will Spring go ahead?

By Rhonda Dredge Galleries are getting ready for Spring 1883, usually a joy-filled, anarchic coming together of Melbourne’s art community at the much-loved Windsor Hotel. Last year’s event was cancelled in March but Kate Nodrum is confident this one will go ahead. She’s sorting through paintings at her gallery and imagining them in place in

Here’s to the invisible ones!

By Brendan Nottle It started with ones and twos, which eventually became a trickle. Within a few days, it had become a human deluge.  They were people, many young, some attempting to support their families, many just trying to survive, who had been suddenly stood down at the beginning of lockdown 4.0. Many of them worked

Making Melbourne child-friendlier

By Dan Ong When north-sider Deanne and her south-sider partner made peace by moving into their CBD loft-conversion, raising a child in an apartment among the alleyways hadn’t yet crossed their mind.  Ten years later, you’ll often find Deanne kicking a ball in a local laneway with her seven-year-old son, Florian. Families like hers play

Thank you, Shane

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Shane Scanlan, erstwhile editor of this masthead, and we readily recall how first we became involved with him.  The November 2015 issue of this newspaper’s sister publication Docklands News contained an article about the owners’ corporation (OC) at Watergate apartments in Docklands mounting a Supreme Court

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