The Burger Revolution

By Burgerspondent: James Neeson

Burgers have become quite the fashionable food choice in recent years.

Take a walk down Swanston, Bourke or Collins streets and the burger choices are no longer limited to a bloke named Jack or a pair of golden arches.

In this month’s CBD News we will take a look at some of the famous and not-so-famous burgers gracing the streets of the CBD with our exclusive “burgerspondent” James Neeson.

First off, the chain that started the whole burgvolution: Grill’d.

Grill’d has a wide range of beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers, which always deliver a taste sensation time after time. The all-time favourite has to be the Mighty Melbourne: their delicious and always juicy beef patty, egg, bacon, beetroot, melted on cheese, herbed mayo and salad, you’re always going to have a good time with this burger. Add this with their incredible herbed chips and it’s a guaranteed winner.

With three locations across the CBD, the excuses not to try Grill’d should be zero.

Next is Mr Burger, which shot to fame with the food truck craze and now has two stores in the CBD. With four burgers on offer the menu is brilliantly simple. The pick has to be the Mr Burger itself. Combining standard burger ingredients of beef, cheese, salads, onion, pickle and a winning sauce trifecta of mustard, mayo and tomato sauce all wrapped between the tender warmth of a soft bun, it’s hard not to go back for more.

I was particularly excited to try our third contestant after hearing so much. Unfortunately, I felt Huxtaburger did not live up to the reputation.  Combining almost the same ingredients as the Mr Burger, the Huxtaburger, whilst tasting nice, had a harsh and aggressive patty which, combined with a satisfactory bun, at best made for an average dining experience.

The fourth tested has to be the pick of the lot.  Captain Melville’s is a little CBD gem. Whilst offering restaurant style dining it provides one of the best CBD burger experiences. The Captain Burger combines a delicious wagyu beef patty with bacon, egg, cheese and pickles all sandwiched between the loving care of their deliciously soft bun. This is served with fries to create an out-of-the-ballpark winner. If you’re after a bargain they also have an awesome lunchtime special between 12-3pm on weekdays. For $15 you get the flavour explosive cheeseburger served on their incredible bun, a heap of French fries and a pot of Boag’s. Absolutely unreal value and too good to pass up!


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