Banksy art is coming to Melbourne

By Sunny Liu

Australia’s largest ever Banksy exhibition is coming to Melbourne this month. 

Private collectors around the world are contributing 80 pieces of Banksy’s artwork for the major art event of the year.

Many might be surprised to know the exhibition will be held without Banksy’s permission or blessing.

The Art of Banksy is organised by Banksy’s ex-agent Steve Lazarides, who is also a British artist. Mr Lazarides parted with Banksy a few years ago and now he is bringing an unauthorised Banksy exhibition to Melbourne.

Banksy is  famous for his stencil work that conveys dark humour and political messages. He is often seen as the best street artist of his generation.

Banksy’s real identity has never been revealed, and his anonymity triggers more attention to his work.

The exhibition will be held at The Paddock, a makeshift car park and function venue behind Federation Square – quite befitting of the artists style.

The exhibition will also combine some Melbourne street artists’ work, bringing some local elements to the British artist’s exhibition.

A hub with DJs and food trucks will be included, a bonus to Banksy’s art display.

The Art of Banksy will be held at The Paddock from October 7 to January 22.

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