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CBD Restaurants open for Christmas

CBD Restaurants open for Christmas

By Jack Hayes Hard-hit CBD restaurants are welcoming diners back for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, boasting new and improved menu items, Indonesian feasts, an “ultimate” wagyu experience and much more. Despite the Melbourne Money Scheme’s recent closure in November – a scheme which gave CBD diners a 30 per cent rebate on food and

Looking for the buzz

By Rhonda Dredge Some galleries in the CBD are planning great events, such as viewings at the Sofitel Hotel, to celebrate reopening. Others have continued their exhibition program, combining online with gallery viewings. All are working slowly towards recapturing the buzz. Sarah Scout Presents in Collins St is still dealing with the aftermath of Spring

Publicly accessible common property: Contested vertical spaces

By Dr Janette Corcoran Vertical villages are familiar with the challenges of common property, but might these spaces be more contested than we think? Collectively owned by lot owners, common property includes items such as gardens, passages, pathways, driveways, stairs, lifts, foyers and fences. And as we high-rise dwellers are aware, there are many and varied

Unintended consequences

By Major Brendan Nottle My grandmother was quite elderly when I was young, so my memories of her are vague, apart from two enduring and detailed recollections involving her. The first was whenever she prepared lunch for us, it was always the same gastronomic delight – white bread smothered with dripping. It’s a wonder I

Street art crisis

By Adrian Doyle COVID has been bad for Melbourne, it has made a struggling city fall to its knees.  With restaurants, galleries, crafts shops, everything, shutting down because of COVID, Melbourne has become a shell of its former self. But to be honest, street art has ended up far worse off than the city.  Many

The anti-aging secret for your muscles

The idea of getting older is disliked by all of us. So much so that the “anti-ageing” industry is experiencing growth right throughout the world. You’ve probably heard about “anti-ageing” for your skin, but what about for your muscles? If you want to stand tall and stay active as you age, read on. “As we

Melbourne Music Week returns

By Chris Mineral There is plenty of musical action happening with the return of Melbourne Music Week (MMW) to the City of Melbourne from December 3 to 12. Venues in the CBD will be brimming with exceptional musical talent.  Billy Davis features in The Operatives, a full-bore collection of skilled funk, soul, hip hop, RnB musos

Masks off in the office please!

By Rhonda Dredge Dance floors were being created, doors were being flung open, art openings were being scheduled and gigs booked to celebrate the end of masks in the CBD. Garden State on Flinders Lane was expecting a surge for their dance floor and FortyFiveDownstairs a crowd for their opening.  But nearby, concierge Fernando Rehan

A big summer ahead at The Kino

By Jack Hayes With the world of motion picture in hibernation for the best part of two years, an influx of pent-up film is set to grace our screens in the coming months, shaping as a blockbuster summer ahead at Kino cinemas.  Calling Collins Place home for more than 30 years, The Kino has championed

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