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A difficult comeback for Spring St

A difficult comeback for Spring St

By Rhonda Dredge Allegations of branch stacking may be dominating the powerbrokers at Spring St, but locals along this prime piece of real estate are more concerned with getting the economy going.  Restaurateurs are opening up venues and residents are hoping to see more action in their “little village”. Di Stasio Citta re-opened last month

Bertie the “buffoon”

By Katie Johnson Eight-year-old Bertie is “chubby, gorgeous and a mummy’s boy” according to his owner Helen.  Named after the P.G. Wodehouse character Bertie Wooster, the rambunctious French bulldog lives up to his literary reputation of being a lovable goofball.    “The character is a bit of a buffoon, so I thought the name was

Made for the home office

By Rhonda Dredge There’s an old adage bandied around among gallerists that when times are difficult you show difficult art. Neon Parc has opened up, the first gallery in the CBD, with a difficult show. It’s not easy to connect with the exhibition called House Arrest. Ho Ho Ho Chinese Scroll, for example, seems particularly

Save Campbell Arcade

By Tristan Davies – Melbourne Heritage Action With tunneling continuing unabated on the Metro Tunnel, Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) is concerned that plans for demolition in one of the city’s most significant arcades are still not publicly available, or seemingly open to any scrutiny or objection. It has seemed obvious from the start of community

Higher Places

By Chris Mineral Nat Vazer’s debut album Is this Offensive And Loud was launched during the COVID-19 era, and it is a ripper of an album.  One of the highlights is the song Higher Places. Sunlight, like the McEvoy racehorse of the same name, is brilliant. It’s optimistic and bright like that of a song

The stains of time

By Adrian Doyle – Blender Studios Whether it’s the sound of the trams rattling down the road or the endless rows of amazing and fascinating restaurants that both delight and challenge the taste buds, there are many things that make Melbourne great.  The way multiculturalism makes the city even greater and how Melbournians run to

Coming out of COVID-19 with a silver lining

By Dr Janette Corcoran With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions there may be a greater recognition of vertical living challenges!   In this column I previously wrote about the particular challenges faced by vertical villages dealing with COVID-19, chief among which were: Interpreting public health orders: whose responsibility is it to enforce? Promoting safety and

Living food boxes for those in need

By Sherry Maddock If this pandemic is teaching us anything, it is demonstrating the importance of relationships – to each other, to place and neighbour, and to food and plants.   It turns out that despite drastic measures of social distancing and circumstances of scarcity, goodness emerges in unexpected ways.   Funded by a City

Short-stays in the aftermath of COVID-19

An open Letter to the Premier of Victoria and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne … For years we have lobbied for the regulation of the short-stay industry, especially in high-rise residential strata buildings not designed for hotel-type accommodation.  Our pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears and the current changes to the legislation are proving

A winter’s walk in Fitzroy Gardens, 1913

By Dr Cheryl Griffin – Royal Historical Society of Victoria It’s a stark but beautiful winter scene in one of Melbourne’s oldest parks, a landscape laid bare. The skeletal elm trees stand like proud sculptures extending skywards, their shadows creating faint stripes of light and shade along the pathway in the silvery sunlight.  This is

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