All this … and ripped off too!

Former councillor Tessa Sullivan not only felt sexually degraded by Robert Doyle.  She also felt financially duped by him.

In her 35-page letter of resignation and complaint, she says she started to distrust Mr Doyle when she realised she contributed $50,000 and some other team members had spent nothing.

“On or around Friday, 12 August 2016 at 10am I met Doyle and he told me that I would be running for council in approximately four days to a week on the Team Doyle ticket. I agreed,” she said.

“During the meeting, Doyle said to me that candidates usually make a donation to their own campaign and that the minimum amount was about $50,000-$70,000.”

“I was shocked, but Doyle reassured me he was putting in $60,000 and indicated the other candidates were donating a similar amount.”

“I had some savings and money that my mother had given me towards the purchase of a first home. I donated $50,000 in two increments of $25,000 as I had to close accounts to access the money.”

“On or around mid to late October I called Doyle to ask why it was that I was one of the highest donors to the campaign?”

“I felt particularly duped when I saw other candidates had put in only $500 or donated nothing at all.”

“Doyle assured me that he had put in around $60,000 and many other donors put in a lot more. This was when I started to distrust him.”

Team Doyle election campaign returns of December 1, 2016 show that Mr Doyle himself contributed just $22,000.  Mr Doyle later tried to revise this amount upwards by $40,000, which is the subject of a Local Government Inspectorate investigation.

The Team Doyle return also reveals that candidates Arron Wood contributed $10,000, Susan Riley gave $6200 in cash and a further $1500 worth of in-kind advertising, and both Hope Wei and Beverley Pinder-Mortimer forked out $2000 each.

Team Doyle members who did not contribute financially were Kevin Louey, Nicholas Reece and Sue Stanley.

CBD News can reveal that 2016 Team Doyle election donor Ting Li used an incorrect address to register her business with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Ms Li’s Dainty Age One Pty Ltd gave the largest donation to the Doyle campaign, contributing $80,000.

An ASIC company extract lists Ms Li’s residential address as 4 Linlithgow Rd Toorak, but there is no house at this address.

CBD News understands that the property was bought in about 2012 with the house remaining empty until it was demolished last year.

In October, CBD News incorrectly implied a connection with Ms Li’s donation and former councillor Tessa Sullivan, who lives nearby.

Rubiix Business Accountants principal Stuart Coulthard said the Corporations Act 2001 sections 117(2)(f), and 205B says the ASIC register application must contain the “address of each person who consents in writing to become a director or company secretary” within 28 days.  As per section 205D, this address “must be their usual residential address”, Mr Coulthard said.

An ASIC spokesperson said that failure to update a change in personal details could result in a late-fee.  For details not lodged with ASIC up to one month after the change has occurred, the fee is $78 and for changes not lodged more than one month after the change, it is $323. For every year these changes are not lodged, the company will be required to pay $323.

Ms Li did not respond to efforts by CBD News to speak with her.

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