All CBD awardees

Some 32 businesses have been honoured this year with Lord Mayor’s Commendations.

The commendations are awarded each year to recognise the contribution that small businesses make to the life of the city.

The commendations will be awarded at a ceremony at Melbourne Town Hall on September 7.


Denis Sabbadini, The Waiters Restaurant; and Ralph Plarre, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

Gold (50 years)

Dennis Burke, D&J Burke Diamond Setters; Jill Gould, Indigo; and David Beanham, Modak Motorcycles.

Silver (25 years)

Sofia Basile, Unico Hair; Bill Batzogiannis, International Cakes; Edmond Lobaza, Dr Edmond Lobaza Periodontist; Colin Paraskevas, Minotaur Entertainment; Bruce Pham, Bruce Goose; Tony Tenuta, Transit Newsagency; Fred Tsindos, Tsindos; Gabrielle Wallace, Gazelle; and Malcolm Wulf, Oxford Scholar Hotel.

Bronze (10 years)

Robin Billen, Horton International; Scott Maidment, Strut & Fret Production House; Jack Poon, Karaoke Box Hit Studio; Neil Balthasar, Balthasar Jewellery; Kara Jeffers, French Pink; Jodie Coall, Melbourne Natural Wellness; Ewan Tremellen, Ewan Tremellen Jeweller; Chelsea McIntosh, Spoilt Gift & Homewares; Suzanne Bennett, The Basement Discs; Rodney Jacobs, The Basement Discs; Terence Woods, Vic Meat Supply; Adam Bunny, Loop; Spiro Caras, Caras Emporium; Leanne Dang, Wing Cheong Chinatown;  Vijay Sivaraj, Drums Cafe; Yuk Chun Yip, City BBQ Chinese Restaurant; Lori Valentine, Jasper Junior; and Merilyn Parker, Jasper Junior.

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