Melbourne’s CBD has its own community newspaper which appeals to residents, workers and visitors.

More than 35,000 people now live in the CBD and, on a quiet day, more than 800,000 people come to work here or visit.

City of Melbourne-sponsored research shows that workers and residents spend the most on retail and hospitality in Melbourne.  CBD News is the best conduit to connect with these people.

The synergy is spot on.  The stories are compelling to people who live, work in and visit the city and, in turn, businesses can advertise their products and services to these readers.

Speak with Sean Car (0433 930 484‬)  today about how your business can take advantage of this exciting opportunity.


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Size Dimensions Price
Full Page (h) 365 mm x (w) 255 mm $2450 +GST
Half Page (h) 175 mm x (w) 255 mm $1250+GST
Third Page (h) 115 mm x (w) 255 m $990+GST
Quarter Page (Horizontal) (h) 85 mm x (w) 255 mm $690+GST
Quarter Page (Vertical) (h) 175 mm x (w) 126 mm $690+GST
Eighth Page (h) 86 mm x (w) 126 mm $360+GST
Double Banner (h) 60 mm x (w) 255 mm $550+GST
Single Banner (h) 30 mm x (w) 255 mm $275+GST
Trade/Services Directory – business card (h) 40 mm x (w) 61 mm $100+GST


We know that newspaper distribution is the key to success.  We are printing 20,000 copies and each of them goes to an interested reader.

Starting in January 2016, we are building our own distribution network.  So far we are delivering 2971 directly into mailboxes at 113 addresses.  We deliver 5846 in bulk to 81 residential towers where the papers are either placed in distribution baskets or in a prominent position.  A further 2706 go to 54 city hotels and 437 are distributed via 20 real estate offices.

Via an arrangement with wholesale newsagents, some 1300 are “piggy-backing” into corporations with their daily newspapers and a further 300 are going to sub-news agencies.

A further 6000 papers are going into areas where people have time to read – specifically cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, bars, etc – and into distribution baskets in high-traffic areas.

So far, the locations on the map below show where we deliver more than 10 papers each month (NB: this is not counting street distribution. If we included that, the map would be a sea of red!).

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