Active in April

We’re well versed in how detrimental sitting at a desk all day can be on our physical health.

Stepping out of the office for a walk around the block at midday seems like a plausible idea at the start of the day, but before you know it 3 o’clock has rolled around and you’ve had lunch al desko yet again.

This month, make the commitment to stick to those plans and get out and about for some exercise during the day to complete the Premier’s Active April Challenge.

Every day in April, the Premier is encouraging Victorians to get out, get active and enjoy the benefits that come from increased physical activity. Now in its eighth year, Premier’s Active April challenges Victorians to step up the amount of physical activity in their lives and get more active, more often. And all it takes is 30 minutes a day.

Over 100,000 Victorians participated in Premier’s Active April in 2015 and that number is set grow in 2016. The initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Just by registering to take part in Premier’s Active April, entrants receive 10 free passes to a participating YMCA, one hour free tennis court hire at Melbourne Park, one free Get into Cardio Tennis session and a selection of discounts and ticket offers from participating businesses.

Stay motivated by getting your work colleagues on board and starting a workplace team. With special prizes up for grabs for the most active workplace, the more team members you can recruit the better! Registered workplace teams also receive a 30 per cent discount offer from Nutrition Australia on their Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions.

Organise a calendar of lunchtime group activities for staff to keep motivation levels high and provide easy and accessible ways to achieve the daily 30-minute goal. The Active April events calendar, accessible via the website, is a great resource to discover local activities close to your workplace. You can also submit your own events to be included on the website, encouraging others to attend.

Be sure to have an indoor option in the event of wet weather. A stair or pedometer challenge is a good alternative for a rainy day and also appeals to the competitive amongst us! Laps of the car park anyone?

Get started by signing up online and log in to the Activity Tracker app to monitor your progress throughout the month. Register your workplace, start recruiting team members and get that running or walking club you’ve been meaning to start off the ground. Say farewell to lunch al desko and have a successful Active April!

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