About us

CBD News is owned by Shane Scanlan and Sean Car.

Shane has been a journalist for longer than he would care to remember.

Cynical?  Yes.  Annoyed by lack of transparency in government?  Yes.  But also keen to celebrate the wonderful things that make the CBD so special.

“Coming back into the city full-time basis is like being a tourist.  Everything is interesting and new.  It’s re-energising and refreshing,” he said. “I’m discovering it all over again with fresh eyes, but also through a filter of things learned along the journey in other places.”

Shane and Sean’s papers in Docklands and Southbank are premised on the fact that people are interested in what is going on around them. “We’ve shown that hyper-local works in the inner city and it’s great to see it working in the CBD too,” he said.

Contributors – Lorraine Ellis (Street Art), Rhonda Dredge (Critic), Kate Prinsley (History), Sue Saunders (Residents 3000), Barbara Francis (We Live Here), Tristan Davies (Heritage), Laurence Dragomir (Planning), Janette Corcoran (SKYPAD Living), and Mark Marsden (VCAT Watch)

Design – Kellie Robertson, Mediation Communications.


I particularly respect your paper because I think it is already, and looking ahead it will probably remain, the most truthful organ of news available to us here in the CBD.” – Lisa Kondor, local resident, October 18, 2017

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