A spring clean for our streets

Some 300 volunteers took to the streets of the CBD on September 16 as part of the inaugural Spring Clean the City event. 

Taking place on World Clean Up Day, the event was a collective effort from several environmental groups. In a two-hour blitz, the CBD was cleansed of 2860 bottles and cans, 726 plastic straws, 1530 coffee cups and lids, as well as 680 other drink cups and lids. 

Overall, 6500 cubic metres of litter was collected and returned to Southbank Promenade where it was sorted into the main litter groups of single-use plastic items. 

As well as cleaning up our city, the group said the initiative was aimed at pushing for legislative action from the state government to introduce a 10 cent container deposit scheme, as implemented in South Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

More info: boomerangalliance.org.au

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