2026 Vision for the CBD

By Susan Saunders – Vice President

Google “Future Melbourne” and you will find information about City of Melbourne’s vision for 2026 created in 2016. 

Think of the great cities of the world.  Paris, New York, Singapore, Venice, San Francisco and many others.  Where does Melbourne fit among these?  In the late 1800s our city was known around the world as “Marvellous Melbourne”.  Melbourne has been voted “the world’s most liveable city” for many years but only came second last year.

Where do we sit now that the plan has been going for three years? Will the city be able to win back its most liveable status?  Not if we become complacent. Did we just endorse the 2026 vision and think, well that’s done, and the vision will magically turn into reality?  

Great cities emerge when their citizens participate in making their vision happen.  Residents, people who work in the city and our visitors – we all need to collaborate with City of Melbourne (CoM), police, Neighbourhood Watch and the government of the day to achieve what we want for our city. That’s what Residents 3000 members try to do.

Future Melbourne has defined nine basic goals and principles to guide us.  For each goal there are sub-goals that are clearly articulated on the web site.  Good ideas that have been brought into fruition through public consultation.  

Future Melbourne 2026 goals

Goal 1: A city that cares for its environment

Goal 2: A city for people

Goal 3:  A creative city

Goal 4: A prosperous city

Goal 5: A knowledge city

Goal 6: A connected city

Goal 7: A deliberative city

Goal 8: A city managing change

Goal 9: A city with an Aboriginal focus

The score card so far, three years into the plan, looks quite positive.  Here are just a few observations.

Cleanliness of our city streets.  The CoM has installed large intelligent rubbish bins throughout the CBD to help minimise litter.  Smart, large compactors are keeping laneways clear of messy small rubbish bins.  The cute sweeping machines continue to busy themselves cleaning our streets.

Trees.  In 2013 the Urban Forest plan was formulated.  It was a time when our urban forest was severely stressed after years of drought.  The rains came and existing trees are looking much better.  New trees are being planted using larger and more scientifically-designed planter beds that retain moisture to sustain trees during long periods without rain.  Bio-diversity is being implemented.  Science is being used to improve the health of existing trees.

Safety.  More police.  A new station right in the heart of Bourke St.  Attractive concrete barriers to protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic are steadily being installed.

Homelessness.  An incredibly difficult problem to solve but progress is being made with short-term storage facilities just opened at the Salvation Army Headquarters in Bourke St.  More low-cost accommodation is still needed.  The Munro development at the QV market will include some affordable housing.

Noise.  Still a problem with some non-muffled exhausts on motorcycles and trucks.  

Transport.  The Metro Tunnel is underway and will be an enormous benefit to the community by efficiently moving people around and relieving congestion on the footpaths.

Schools.  A new primary school is being built in Docklands.  More are needed as the residential population increases.  The next possibly should be a government high school in the CBD.

Building design.  New rules to allow more public open space in developments.

Water. Large water storage to collect rainwater and street run off has been installed under Birrurung Marr. 

These are only a few of the things that have happened in the city since 2016.  But in my view, it is progress and as citizens of our great city, we should continue to be engaged with all the improvements going on and participate in the dialogue to keep the vision alive and well!

Forum 3000 – June event

This coming month, on June 6, we are having a session on owners’ corporations.  There is new legislation in the pipeline to update the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and other matters to be discussed.

Presenters available for discussion include our sponsor Fawkner May, owners’ corporation managers and representatives from KCL Law and Strata Community Australia (Vic).

Come along as a guest if you are not already a member and join in the conversation.  All our meetings are held at the Kelvin Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place off Russell Street.  Details will be posted on our web site: www.residents3000.com.au.

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