Music fest not a picnic for all

By Jack Hayes

The January 17 return of the Melbourne chapter of Piknic Électronik disturbed some Flinders Street residents.

Phoenix apartment resident Edward Sanders described the noise level in his home from the festival as “obscene”.

The event will run weekly until April 3 at “The Paddock” in Federation Square.

Mr Sanders said that, with the windows open, it was impossible to conduct a conversation in his residence.

He said the stone retaining wall behind the site was bouncing the sound from the event towards Flinders St.

Mr Sanders also said he had contacted Federation Square and had been told that, apparently, the wrong amplification had been used and would not be repeated.

Piknic Électronik spokesperson Loïc Le Joliff said he was unaware of the complaint and said all precautions were in place to avoid exceeding sound constraints.  He said, “sounds guys” from both Piknic Électronik and Federation Square measured the decibel level.

Mr Le Joliff said that working co-operatively and cohesively with Federation Square and surrounding neighbours was of upmost importance.

Federation Square CEO Ron Gauci reiterated Mr Le Joliff’s statements, saying that sound measurements on the day complied with the Environment Protection Authority’s noise restrictions.

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