CBD Local

Despondent about the CBD’s heritage

By Rhonda Dredge When people move into the CBD they love the novelty of being able to walk everywhere and discover new places down small alleys, particularly ones with great back stories.  Debra Van Ommen was no exception when she bought a first-floor apartment in Collins St and began exploring. Her legs led her one-day

Pets Corner

Disco dog!

By John Tadigiri “He’s very cheeky” is the first thing owner Teagan said of three-year-old Japanese Spitz Disco, when CBD News met her on Bourke St in April.  Disco takes every chance to go out for a walk with Teagan, or her partner Jack, who live in an apartment in the CBD.  According to Teagan,

Street Art

Is Melbourne at risk of losing its cultural credibility?

By Adrian Doyle – Blender Studios The people disappeared, the shops shut, and the galleries closed. It has been a struggle at Blender Studios. Blender was shut to the public for nearly a year which means that for a year we haven’t been able to have openings at the Darkhorse Experiment (the gallery at Blender

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