CBD Local

Emotionally attached to the art world

The Flinders Lane Gallery has occupied a special place in the streetscape for 30 years and many collectors have fond memories of coming to openings then going out dining nearby.  Claire Harris has been in the gallery for 20 of those years, greeting collectors, making them feel comfortable, the last 12 as director. “I think

Pets Corner

A very strong Chihuahua

By Kevin Jingga Jessica encountered her four-year-old pet Chihuahua Adriana by chance but once they met, she determined to do all she could to save her. The dog was obviously suffering terribly from a huge stomach hernia and the pet shop refused to pay for an operation. “When I met her, I do not want

Street Art

On the nose

The other day I was walking down Bourke St and I was busting to go to the toilet and all I could find was one of those self-washable silver toilet blocks.  I had to wait out the front whilst someone was finishing up. When I finally got my turn, I went in and shut the

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