CBD Local

Inside a studio eyrie

By Rhonda Dredge When it comes to creating a studio, most artists find a rustic back shed or share an old warehouse with others and work in an enclosed kind of way at ground level.  Gaye Paterson has done the reverse and set up a studio with an overwhelming view of the city. Studio Nova

Pets Corner

City living is a walk in the park

By Matt Harvey Sebastian has been forming a growing bond during the past seven to eight months as his relationship blossoms with his partner’s golden retriever, April. Sebastian said April was a big walker and loved going for lengthy walks every day.  “I’ll take her for a walk every day, if not in the park

Street Art

The reflection of an augmented city

By Adrian Doyle There was a time when talking to yourself in public meant that you were crazy. Now when I’m at the lights or on a tram it seems normal.  That’s because of mobiles and the way people have no boundaries with the lengths that they go to, to stay connected or disconnected, depending

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