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Moving pictures arrive in the CBD

Moving pictures arrive in the CBD

By Ella Gibson Sit back and let the cinema come to you, or hop on a bike and travel with it. Projector Bike – a concept executed by Joseph Norster and Lee Ramseyer-Bache and run by These Are The Projects We Do Together – is a custom-designed three wheeled cargo bicycle complete with a high-powered

Frank commended for his bravery

Long-serving Bourke St security guard Frank Nesci was honoured by the Governor-General last month for his bravery. His Commendation for Brave Conduct was in recognition for picking up a petrol bomb which was thrown into Kosminsky jewellery store on December 17 in 2013. Mr Nesci said he was standing inside the store at about 3.30pm

Your local comedy festival guide

By Michael Burke Don’t just throw your hands in the air and yell “forget it!” Take a chance and try out a new show, something you haven’t heard of before.  There are some wonderful venues around town to try, my favourite independent venue is Tuxedo Cat. There you will find exciting independent shows with my

Reflections on VCAT and CBD residents’ rights: the hearing on 109-111 Little Lonsdale St

By Bill Allan (Wesley Historic Precinct Action Group) I attended the three-day (February 29 – March 2) VCAT hearing on the Brady Jones Pty Ltd application for review against the refusal by the City of Melbourne (CoM) to grant a permit for construction of a 20-storey residential hotel at 109-111 Little Lonsdale St. RMIT research

Out of place

By Rhonda Dredge Budding urban artist Shimon Shoul visited the CBD last month to record his impressions in black ink. He got himself lost for an hour near Melbourne Central and discovered what it was like to feel out of place. “Here I am, on a street corner in the city, alone and helpless,” he

VicRoads office for CBD

Locals will be able to transact with VicRoads following the opening of a new office at 113 Exhibition St on March 21. At the new hub@exhibition customers can access more than 65 services including licence renewal, change of address, learner and hazard perception tests and various registration and licence transactions. A concierge will greet customers


沙恩·斯坎伦(Shane Scanlan)撰稿 正如本报这期在其他报道中证明,墨尔本市政府不惜卑躬屈膝向大媒体公司献上了大量现金。 12月份,他们关起门来,无视其官员的不同提议,在星期五的耶稣受难日捐款活动中,还是让由太阳先驱报经营的一家私营公司获得了23万澳元的捐款。 作为背景了解,我的不满源自于近10年前,市政拒绝在我办的社区报纸上刊登其“企业广告”。 现在我有三个刊物,为几乎一半的墨尔本市政,12.8963万居民提供服务。 有一些CBD新闻 读者可能看到过刊登在费尔法克斯的城市每周评论(Fairfax’s Weekly Review City)上的市政企业广告,该报在市中心有些流通。但是市政所选择的四家刊物在南岸区和道克兰区都不显而易见。 所以市政官员告诉市政议员们拒绝我报的理由之一是有重复读者,这是一种毫无理由的说法。而在他们最近却又提到我们月刊的时间表是作为拒绝的理由。 我以前可从未听到过这种解释,不过话又说回来,如果想想以前副市长苏珊·莱利(Susan Riley)的月刊曾经也刊登市政“企业广告”,这种解释本来也就站不住脚了。 正如本文开头所提到的,市政议会在适合的时候可以推翻其官员的提议。在其他场合,他们可以道貌岸然地找到理由,认为某官员在其职权范围内这么谈论是不恰当的。

Councillors prickly over accusations

By Shane Scanlan The City of Melbourne is removing itself from the high-level decisions which will determine the viability of its Victoria Market redevelopment. It voted on March 8 to refer its somewhat controversial planning amendment C245 to an independent panel, which, in turn, will make recommendations to Planning Minister Richard Wynne. The council wants

Music event to be reviewed

Federation Square will review the soon-to-conclude Sunday afternoon season of Piknic Électronik before making a decision on its future. The weekly musical event has generated complaints from people living in Flinders St towers adjacent to the “Paddock” area across the railway lines. Federation Square CEO Ron Gauci told CBD News that a thorough review would

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