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The emperor is naked

The emperor is naked

The childhood story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, comes to mind to describe the farcical “solution” the City of Melbourne is pursuing to rid the CBD of its nightly invasion by garbage trucks. Municipal engineer Geoff Robinson parades before councillors wearing a shining, green, innovative, compactor-styled infrastructure ensemble which has been shown to reduce the number

Port Phillip uncertainties

By Rhonda Dredge Older established tenants of the Flinders Quarter are not as positive about the coming CBD South Metro Station as newcomers. The new station will involve the demolition of the Port Phillip Arcade but adjacent Scott Alley will remain intact. “Tenants are still in limbo about their future,” said electrician Robert Evans, who

Even more garbage trucks in the CBD

As the City of Melbourne tinkers with an expensive, but minimal and piecemeal garbage compactor policy for the CBD, the number of nightly garbage trucks continues to grow. The number of companies registered to pick up waste and recycling in the CBD now sits at 40.  Back in February, when councillors were asked to endorse

Helping the homeless

By Sean Car Our homeless received a boost on June 16 as the redeveloped Youth Projects Living Room on Hosier Lane was officially reopened for service. In what has become an inner-city sanctuary for Melbourne’s homeless community over the past 15 years, the facility has been given a badly-needed face-lift in an effort to accommodate

Keeping Melbourne moving

By Evan Tattersall CEO of Melbourne Metro Rail Authority As planning and design work for the Metro Tunnel project gathers pace, we are continuing to actively investigate ways to reduce and manage surface disruption during the extended construction phase of this city-shaping project. If Melbourne is to safeguard its economic prosperity and liveability – not

Council support for pokie venue

The Mail Exchange Hotel is likely to be granted extra trading time from 1am until 3am, following support from the Melbourne City Council on May 3. At its Future Melbourne Committee, councillors voted six to four to supply a letter supporting the hotel’s application to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. Councillors who

Conflict of interest debate heats up

The debate among Melbourne city councillors on conflict of interest reached new levels last month with accusations and counter-accusations flying. Responding on May 17 to a motion from Cr Jackie Watts calling on councillors to refuse donations from the property, alcohol, gambling and tobacco industries, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle called out Cr Watts’ own record.

Spencer St assault

Police want to hear from anyone who witnessed an assault outside a Spencer St bar at 1.45 am on March 24. They say two men were involved in the incident and became aggressive after being refused re-entry to the premises. One of the men punched one of the crowd controllers working for the venue, with

Public to reclaim their library

By Ellen Hill The State Library of Victoria will get an $83 million facelift, including the restoration of the historic Queens Hall. Staged over five years, the project is expected to open a further 40 per cent of the building to the public. The State Government has committed $55.4 million to the project, with the

렛뒈끓路劤팀뮌 훑듐뒈혐蕨굇

譚黨瞳懇櫓懃綠쒔켜鹿冷돕렛뒈끓역랙끝뒈,페굇충돨皐뒈송令藤낀돤궐떼懇돨훨부뒈렘떼우돤뜩。 카랑굶懇漣돨쾨똑셕뺍꿇갭뵨苟寧꼿漣쾨똑渡炬鞫刻,瞳법혼돨좃쾨櫓,완僅뛰(Kensington)寧殮角遼酪膠撚藤낀돨훑듐,쏨踞페빈돨角굇카랑굶(North Melbourne)뵨엥랑뛰(Carlton)。 쏟쾨皐뒈路劤팀뮌돨커돨,角槨죄瞳苟寧늴팀뮌裂품,懇漣옵엄땍灌윱섯쾨뚤懇漣롤케江훙옵瀝澗뜩懇漣롤。 懇漣훰槨페懇코돨膠撚悧송令角417聾걜禱。 瞳2014쾨돕2016쾨裂쇌,완僅뛰遼빵돨옵슥케懇漣롤씐쾨令(NAV)藤속죄10.4%。굇카랑굶藤속죄7.9%,랍엥랑뛰돨膠撚송令藤속죄7.2%。鮫카랑굶(West Melbourne)돨藤令뮌셕角6%。 뎃角遼酪膠撚돨令陶陶궐꼇카랑굶懇櫓懃撚뒈끓돨令。 돛옹읊(Docklands)돨렷遼酪膠撚휠되離멕令골看,藤令죄13.8%。 瞳憐몸懇漣렀鍋,撚뒈끓돨令迦老궐遼酪膠撚멕。뎃角탕옹郭랑(Parkville)角절棍,컸랏돨撚뒈끓怜藤令죄2.8%,랍컸랏돨遼酪膠撚홱藤令죄3.8%。

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