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Vale Muriel Craddock

Muriel Craddock, a well-respected character in the CBD’s small business community, passed away in December at the age of 105.  In 1965, after an impulsive purchase of hundreds of second-hand books from an auction, Muriel started the Essendon Treasure Chest with her husband Leslie and daughter Kay selling second-hand books, old furniture, bric-a-brac and self-made

One year on 

A state memorial service was held at the Royal Exhibition Building on January 23 to pay tribute to the lives lost at the Bourke St Tragedy.  On January 20, 2017, six people were killed and dozens were injured after a car ploughed into Bourke St crowds. The victims’ families, medical workers who first responded to

Go slow on QVM permits

Heritage Victoria (HV) has been an extra 60 days to consider an application from the City of Melbourne to restore and modify Queen Victoria Market (QVM) sheds. The council last year applied for the heritage permit to allow work to start on a major redevelopment of the market. Heritage Victoria invited submissions until October 25,

Street pianos bring music

Artistically decorated pianos have popped up at various locations in the CBD as part of the Play Me, I’m Yours street piano project.  Running from January 19 to February 4, the interactive installation features pianos donated and decorated by community artists and groups at locations such as Flinders Street Station, the County Court, Chinatown and

Revolving door for spin doctors

By Shane Scanlan The City of Melbourne is struggling to get enough “spin” on its media messaging, having churned 17 media advisers since mid-2015. Statistically, in recent times, it has turned over its entire team of seven every year. At the same time, a self-congratulatory report claims that in 2015/16 the City of Melbourne achieved

Town hall rocked to its foundations

By Shane Scanlan Robert Doyle’s troubles have rocked the town hall, with councillors uncertain about the future and whether the Lord Mayor will be back. Some councillors are unwilling to talk on the record, aware of the reputational damage being inflicted by the ongoing saga sparked by sexual misconduct allegations against Cr Doyle.  Others aren’t

Doyle drama – how did it happen?

Opinion, by Shane Scanlan Tessa Sullivan’s resignation on December 15 was not a surprise.  But her decision to take down Robert Doyle was a shock. Ms Sullivan never appeared really comfortable as a councillor.  Inexperience is one thing, but she seemed particularly sensitive and unsuited to the rough and tumble of politics. Was she doing

Why Robert Doyle should resign

Opinion, by Stephen Mayne  The imminent end of Robert Doyle’s record-breaking nine-year run as Lord Mayor of Melbourne hadn’t happened when this column was first written but, make no doubt about it, it is inevitable. There are now 4 separate women – ex councillor Tessa Sullivan, current councillor Cathy Oke, the un-named partner of a


在对未来维多利亚女王市场改造的的有力支持中,前首席执行官马尔科姆•麦卡洛(Malcolm McCullough)和市场经理马克•斯科特(Mark Scott)也介入其中。 他们俩在年中离开了市场的管理层,但在市场的熟食厅里又以比尔农场的共同拥有者重新出现。 他们说,离开市场之后,他们打算一起创业,所以当有机会买比尔农场的时候,他们就投了进去。 在柜台的另一边工作确实是一个巨大的挑战,但他们说,他们正在为此而努力。 每周七天的漫长时间工作只是这个变化的开始。 摊主的工作是从来没有完成的时候! 马克说:“我们热爱市场。 我们对此充满激情。几十年来我们很荣幸能为当地社区服务。 这儿有很多工作要做,但我们能够迎接挑战。” 斯科特说:“我们永远在寻找营销机会,我们以合理的价格提供来自世界各地农场新鲜优质的产品。” 这两位还提供大盘挑选熟食并送货交付给外围客户。。 对于麦卡洛来说,这是他零售业的根源。 他在去年7月份辞去了首席执行官的职位,其中一个原因就是回到零售的基本层面。 在比尔农场的熟食柜台服务是一种非常亲近客户的服务。 “我们一直说市场更新对经营者来说是件好事。 我们没有开玩笑!”

Saved at birth 

By Karina Schulz Wharwood Walking off his leash, a four-year-old Border Collie, Zeb, was eager to explore his surroundings, wandering around the grass of Birrarung Mar unfazed by his owner’s sudden stop. Zeb was saved as a pup when Jasmine Tink heard that one of her friends was going to put the newborn puppy down.

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