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SalamFest: Festival of Peace

By Chelsea Cucinotta From November 24 to 26, State Library Victoria will host SalamFest, a three-day Muslim Arts Festival.  SalamFest celebrates the Muslim values of “Peace Love and Compassion” through art, culture and cuisine. The festival is free and includes an array of activities suited to all: pottery, henna art, calligraphy, Sufi poets and panel

Flood of rumours follows burst water main

By Rhonda Dredge and Shane Scanlan The “rumour mill” has been working overtime about the cause and effect of the water main which burst on the weekend of September 9, flooding the basement of 55 Swanston St. The water damaged the building’s electrical system and, with some 40 businesses still unable to re-occupy the building,

The more things change …

Collins St may have changed since 1870, but Melburnians are doing the same things. This image, called Then & Now: Collins Street 1870-2016, was created by David Simmonds for the Collins St Bendigo Bank. David explained that he was inspired to create the picture in recognition of the bank’s respect of the past and the

Christmas is on the move

The CBD’s Christmas festivities will this year take place mainly at Federation Square and the laneways. Due to the Metro Rail constructions at City Square, the former epicentre of Christmas celebrations, Federation Square will be home to the 16 metre illuminated LED Christmas tree. This year’s festivities will also feature an augmented reality app Santa’s

Councils reach agreement to reduce oBike clutter

By Sunny Liu The Cities of Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip have signed an agreement with bike share company oBike to regulate the clutter of dockless bikes scattered around Melbourne. Since its launch in July, oBike has created problems with its dockless feature. OBikes have been found dumped in the Yarra River, thrown up on

Ross House celebrates 30th birthday

Non-for-profit CBD hub Ross House on Flinders Lane celebrated its 30th birthday on October 11.  Members of the 92 not-for-profit organisations based at Ross House and the local community came together to celebrate the role Ross House Association and its tenants played in advocating for social issues. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle also attended the gathering

Festival of lights

Celebrations of the Hindu festival of lights turned Federation Square into a vibrant stage on October 14. Dances accompanied by changing lights wowed the massive crowd that gathered for the annual expression of Indian culture. Food stalls and family activities filled the day with a festive aroma and laughter while the performances by various community

CBD is a victim of its own success

By Shane Scanlan Melbourne is losing a part of its heart and soul because it has been too successful. The CBD is continuing to lose small, creative, unique and independent retailers from its little streets and lanes as rising retail rents force them out. Chain retailers and hospitality outlets are displacing quirky places to shop,


   地铁隧道工程即将完成市中心(CBD)最后两次的强制性收购。 墨尔本地铁局(MMRA)已经在CBD北部和CBD南部的两个新火车站的地点,强制收购或购买了16个物业。 都市新闻报了解到,地铁局在CBD南部正在全面接管最后两个物业。 在CBD南部已有七个物业被收购。地铁局在三月份接管了一个物业,九月份又接管了四个。 在CBD北部,地铁局去年十一月接管了两个,上个月(九月)又接管了两个物业。 墨尔本地铁局并没有提到给这些物业支付了多少费用,也没有提到向这些业主或受影响的商家支付了多少赔偿金。

地方民主 逐渐消失

编辑评论Shane Scanlan    如今墨尔本市政议员所做的公共决策数量是10年前的三分之一。 都市新闻报了解到,今年1月至7月,在市政以及市政委员会会议决议中有131份决策。相比2007年同期,那时的市政共有365份公共决策。 即使是Borough of Queenscliffe,这个维多利亚州最小的市政,今年1月至7月该市政议员也作出了148项公共决策,数量要比墨尔本市政还要多。 作为决策数和人口的比例,这个市政当地人的代表性比墨尔本当地人的代表性要高出100倍。如果再考虑他们的决策数和每个议员人数之比,那么这个比例会再加倍。 以上的比较例子可能并不完全公平合理,但问题是,墨尔本市几十年来一直逐步发展为,决策完全有可能秘密采纳或者把决策权委派给那些非选举出来的官员。 截至上月,已向墨尔本市政提交了约760份规划许可申请,可只有少数受指派的人员会来到公开的会议上做出决策,因此会带来很大的腐败机会。 墨尔本市政有一种文化,如果选举产生的代表透露秘密决定的话,那么这位代表会明显地被边缘化并受到刑事指控的威胁。任何有争议的事情都是在秘密会议中进行的。 墨尔本市政也通常会阻止信息自由(FoI)的请求,并且每年花费约100万澳元在媒体操纵者部门。

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