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On the transport watch

On the transport watch

By Rhonda Dredge Treasure Jennings loves the Sandy line. She catches it to work in the morning but likes to vary her times so she gets a different public transport experience each day. “Public transport is the heart of a city,” Ms Jennings said. She should know.  As Victoria’s Public Transport Ombudsman she receives all the

Kids get a piece of library

A $2 million donation to the State Library Victoria will fund an innovative project aimed at hands-on literacy development for children. The donation from Gandel Philanthropy will deliver free literacy programs created by and for kids. It will also support the development of the Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter – due to open in late spring.

“The Clock” stops time in the city

By Meg Hill “It’s always synced to real-time, so you have to come back at different times of day to see something new,” an ACMI staff member explained Christian Marclay’s The Clock to a curious homeless man. Every time I visit The Clock, a staff member is having a similar conversation with a curious patron

Fire safety expert speaks out

By Rhonda Dredge It’s easy to buy an apartment with combustible cladding, according to fire safety engineer Dr Jonathon Barnett, who is working as a consultant on the restoration of Neo200.   Dr Barnett knows from painful experience and is not afraid to speak out about the issue.  He bought an apartment off-the-plan in a

Smoke and mirrors cloud the cladding issue

Editorial Comment By Shane Scanlan The Neo200 fire in Spencer St on February 4 reignited public disgust that, five years after Lacrosse, this can still happen. But it will continue to happen until actual liability is determined. Until “who’s to blame” is universally accepted and legally binding, no real progress is possible. Like in the

What’s causing all the congestion?

By Meg Hill Melburnians reported over crowding as one of the top issues last year in a City of Melbourne survey of transport and pedestrian users. But the cause of the issue is likely to have more to do with planning than with population. Victoria Walks executive officer Ben Rossiter said a major cause was


累멨Shane Scanlan 무櫂댕짜攣충줄淪譚똬퍅遼拒무櫂쒔檀쌈밗,닒랍옵콘겉무櫂댕짜긴냥硫쩠반。     侶硅쒔檀攣냥묘뒈삿돤댕뜩鑒尻栗諒瞳댕짜膠撚밗잿(OC)櫓돨덜잿尻튿홈 — 侶앎供홍냥북랬죄。 꼇谿黨劤켓瓜랑却鹵,郭뜩적饑鹵돨몸훙옵鹿삿돤돨膠撚밗잿덜잿尻튿홈,랍할鑒좆뵨悧궐절청唐掘齡,慨빎븅彊螺쳔섦쉥댔역。 鹿품唐밑膠撚밗잿무鱇굳寧硅무痰慤撚무鱇뵨페劍넓관裂잚돨셜돤적樓섞考쌈밗돨믐慤綠쒔꿔놔꼇헨,君瞳譚黨侶렘충돨밗잿褐빔뵨홧랩,賈돤唐莉廉돨똬퍅遼拒쒔檀慨빎뫘속델댕果槨죄。 膠撚嘉쒔잿섟품앙췽3000莉廉寮柩獨볏·댐랑·각쵠옰(John Dall’Amico)얩흙죄寧끝탤彊溝固돨씬롼,페櫓돨侶몸膠撚밗잿(OC)攣瞳굳寧소렛끓무鱇돨덜깊蠱청,맡렛끓무鱇唐寧몸똬퍅무櫂遼拒꼬쳔,棠뵨膠撚밗잿무鱇唐렷攣駕젬溝。 儉綱膠撚밗잿櫓돨撚寮냥逃攣瞳醴虜컸硅宅무櫂짜청唐茄셥밑溝돨官逃삔냥逃裂땡샙。 댐랑·각쵠옰邱綱:“儉쳬셜꼇角撚寮,冷꼇角理빵샀尻栗諒。乖횻깎훙윱였였儉쳬雷暠왠齡膠撚밗잿官逃삔돨땡샙。랬쪼角뤠唐짤떪횻儉쳬옵鹿닒遼酪짜렛櫓삿적。” “鱗槨寧츰瓊묩嘉밗잿륩蛟돨훙逃,몽앴乖돨밖뀁,커품돨랬쪼뚤늪慨빎청唐痂척獨監。댕뜩鑒앙췽角뒤寧늴撻唐무櫂,뚤膠撚밗잿샙뭐돨慤蛟列裂샀諒몽굶꼇땠,儉쳬먁돕위상,꼇列돛맡隣痂척샀諒宮斤痂척。”     돛옹읊혐(Docklands)돨寧몸똬퍅遼拒쒔檀瞳11墩룀瓜勻페櫓寧츰렛땜,흔벎앳없뒵슥儉瞳膠撚밗잿샙뭐돨尻튿덜잿홈,쉥삔충줄10拱걜禱돨랬쪼据蓋。앴죄썩,侶몸쒔檀뻘蕨페儉렛땜랙놔죄잚慨돨斤숭。

More garbage truck woes for city

Garbage trucks are illegally reversing up Hosier Lane late at night and in the early hours of almost every morning according to one CBD resident who said he has been asking council to resolve the issue since last May. Mark Tidy lives in an apartment above Hosier Lane. He said multiple trucks reverse up the

Sewer works completed

The major $25 million infrastructure project to build an additional sewer along Spencer St is now complete.  Finished ahead of schedule, safely and within budget, the upgraded sewer is now connected and working for the thousands of residents and commuters who live and work along Spencer St.  The two-year project has increased the capacity of

Laneway Learning is back for 2019

By Jessica Carrascalao Heard Ever wanted to play the ukulele or learn a bit of French? Or maybe you want learn how to get the most out of your superannuation? With Laneway Learning back for 2019, now might be your chance. Now in its eighth year of operation, this year sees the not-for-profit organisation continue

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