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Residents are the big spenders

Residents are the big spenders

By Shane Scanlan City of Melbourne residents spend four times as much as city workers in Melbourne’s shops, cafes and bars, new research has revealed. SGS Economics & Planning research shows that residents each spend $10,000 on retail and hospitality each year within the city. Workers spend $2500 each year on retail and hospitality, while

Welcome to the Capital City Zone

Residents living to the north of Victoria St have had a small taste of what it is like to live in an urban renewal area. While the City North Structure Plan is still awaiting a ministerial tick, its effects are being felt by residents of 222 Victoria St. On February 10, City of Melbourne councillors

Don’t hold your breath on short-stays

By Shane Scanlan The State Government has been quick to put the short-stay apartment rental issue into the spotlight but, so far, has offered only a platform to talk about it. Consumer Affairs Minister Jane Garrett last month announced a panel to look at the impact of short-stay accommodation in residential apartments and make recommendations

A ‘beautiful set of numbers’

Outlining the second quarter financial report to the February 10 Future Melbourne Committee meeting, chief financial officer Phu Nguyen told councillors the organisation was tracking towards a $23.36 million surplus against a budgeted surplus of $12.99 million. However, Mr Nguyen told councillors the end of year surplus was expected to be just $6.4 million. Mr

New technology, old culture

The CBD’s original cultural heart, the Athenaeum in Collins St, is still beating strongly after 175 years, with a spectacular celebratory performance at White Night on February 21. Three giant infl atable statues of the goddess Athena erected on its verandah were illuminated and enriched with imagery from the Athenaeum’s complex journey which started in

Let the sunshine in

With the inner city growing
 at a rapid rate, City of
 Melbourne councillors 
have initiated a review of
 “sunlight to public spaces”
 planning policy. Proposed by Greens councillors Cathy
 Oke and Rohan Leppert, the review will 
look at the adequacy of a 16-year-old
 policy which is less concerned with overshadowing
 of parks and gardens than

Chill factor for White Night

The February 21 White Night arts festival was more relaxed this year, making it more successful for participants than in 2014. The organisers changed a number of either Vancouver, New York or Hong Kong aspects to reduce the crowd crush at key intersections which gave the impression that fewer people attended. The attendance was similar

A psycho-explanation of climate denial

By Shane Scanlan How do you tell a vocal and passionate climate change advocate that they are part of the problem? Climate change activist George Marshall last month managed to diplomatically and skillfully explain to a cabal of fellow travellers at the Wheeler Centre that speaking too forcefully from the high moral ground often backfires.

Angus is flavour of the month

It’s taken more than 44 years, but photographer Angus O’Callaghan is finally appreciated. The 92-year-old’s work is currently being featured at the City Gallery in the town hall building in Swanston St. Speaking at the opening of the exhibition on February 11, Mr O’Callaghan told CBD News it was reassuring to have his work recognised.

Recognition for small businesses

With the 10th anniversary of the Lord Mayor’s Commendation Awards, this year is a special year for recognition of small business owners in the CBD. The awards recognise the contribution that small businesses make to the prosperity and fabric of the city and the search is on for nominees. Bronze award nominations are sought from

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