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Franchisee penalised for underpayment

By Lina Le A former franchisee of a 7-Eleven retail outlet in the CBD faced court for underpaying three international students a total of $6674 between November 2015 and October 2016. The Fair Work Ombudsman has taken legal action against Xia Jing Qi Pty Ltd, which operated a 7-Eleven retail store on William St until

Moomba woos again

By Lina Le Moomba again thrilled Melbourne crowds over the Labour Day long weekend from March 9-12 at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens. Running for the 64th consecutive year, the annual festival runs a three-day jam-packed program that boasts free events for families, including games, water sports, carnival rides and food trucks, with highlights such as

Market traders feel trapped without tenure

Some Queen Victoria Market traders feel trapped in their businesses, which they can’t sell because of uncertainty about the future. Their only option, they say, is to stay but their turbulent and often toxic relationship with market management gives them little confidence. CBD News met with a number of traders who would like to like

Bungling bookstore burglar

Melbourne Crime Investigation Unit detectives are appealing for public assistance following a burglary at a Melbourne book store on March 15. The burglary took place when an unknown person forced open the main doors to the shopping complex on Collins St just after midnight. Security footage shows the burglar struggling in the glass sliding door

Changing of the guard

Journalist Sean Car has bought into “CBD News” and will become its sole director in July 2019.   Mr Car, 26, and Shane Scanlan have formed a new company, Hyperlocal News Pty Ltd, to publish CBD News and sister publications Docklands News and Southbank Local News. 60-year-old Mr Scanlan acquired Docklands News from the state

How would your building rate?

The City of Melbourne is partnering with the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) to rate 20 apartment buildings in water and energy use efficiency.  Residents in the CBD can now nominate their building for assessment through their owners’ corporation for this pilot program. The council will pay for the assessment and will subsidise

市区租房 竞争激烈

撰稿:Sunny Liu 国际学生在大学新开学伊始,争抢出租公寓,CBD的租房比以往任何时候都要困难。 据地产中介称,看房人数一直居高不下,CBD一个公寓单元出租竟有多达100人看房。 Hocking Stuart地产公司CBD分公司租房经理苏丝•英格利斯(Suzie Inglis)说,CBD租房市场在每年的二、三月份最繁忙。 她说:“租房竞争之激烈,今年更为如此,许多学生迫不及待地要在他们大学开学之前租到房子。” 英格利斯女士说,最近的一次Little Lonsdale 街上装修过的三卧室单元开放看房时,大约有40批人来看房,几乎所有来看房的人都是海外学生。 她说,大多数渴望租房的都是国际学生,希望在CBD的北面能签到租约,特别是在Elizabeth, A’Beckett 和 Franklin 街上的高楼公寓。 她说:“我一般在房子租出之前会安排三到四次开放看房,但是今年的这个时间每个公寓只要一次开放看房就租出了。”  

Welcome new students

Newly-arrived international students in Melbourne received warm welcome at the Lord Mayor’s Student Welcome held at the Immigration Museum on March 17.  The event started with a documentary screening of Act of Translation, a theatre program featuring international students’ daily struggle and experience of studying in Melbourne. The Act of Translation cast gave a short

What can a lord mayor do?

By Shane Scanlan Being elected Melbourne’s Lord Mayor doesn’t necessarily mean the winner will have any capacity to change anything or get anything done. The winning candidate will still need to command or negotiate support of five other councillors on every issue that comes before the council. And there is a wide gap in capacity

Doyle damned

By Sean Car The City of Melbourne’s independent investigation into sexual harassment claims against former lord mayor Robert Doyle has returned four adverse findings. A special council meeting held on March 13 heard the long-awaited outcomes stemming from the first report of top silk Dr Ian Freckelton’s investigation into allegations made by Cr Cathy Oke

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