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The medium is his message

The medium is his message

Phoenix is the thinking woman’s paste-up street artist! In our interview, I made the point that he’s the only artist putting up work with any frequency that has a message. Everything else on the street tends to be decorative. To which Phoenix responded: “I think my work is political without it being about partisan politics.

They’re hooked!

Bali Portman is the founder and spokesperson for Yarn Corner, a group of highly visible and productive Yarn Bombers. A lot of people are dismissive of the activity as being too crafty and possibly “women’s business”, but I see it as a means of expression for those who don’t draw or paint and therefore wouldn’t

Cause and Effect

As Will Coles (CBD News February, 2015) now resides in Spain, V-T-R is out there on his own! Sadly, there are no-other artists putting 3D sculpture, political or otherwise on our streets. Originally from Nambour in Queensland, V-T-R (also known as Van T Rudd) worked in a casino for a short time. This he maintains

The kindest cut

The artist known as “Man of Darkness” doesn’t relate to either title of stencil artist or street artist. “The stencil is just another medium that I enjoy using to best represent an idea that I’m trying to communicate,” he said. About four years ago he set himself up as a graphic designer in a studio

The leader of the pack

The dog is a reoccurring image in Cezary Stulgis aka CRUEL’s work. His now sadly-departed Stashy, who was his muse, best friend and mate, inspired him. Cezary’s original imagery arose from studying anatomy and figurative sculpture in Poland. However, it was the closer study of a dog’s behaviour, its anatomy and dynamic, that saw him

Craft imitates art

In April/May of this year, Sayraphim Lothian had her first exhibition in seven years. Craffiti was a direct translation of street art, representing it in as many types of craft as possible. The artists’ whose work she was inspired to pay homage to in this marrying of craft with street art, were all very supportive,

He’s RAD!

“Street art is good for getting a message across and being listened to.” Motivated by the desire to create, this talented artist is constantly experimenting and evolving. He considers himself to be a painter rather than a street artist. Rad, like many of the artists I’ve interviewed, doesn’t have an art school background. Drawing and

Ha-Ha – Legend, alien theorist and oyster connoisseur

This gentle and quietly-spoken man is a pioneer of the Melbourne street art scene. Originally from New Zealand, he was a practicing oil painter and an exponent of the “Stuckism” movement when he came to Melbourne in the late 90s. He exhibited these works in artist-run spaces. Around 2002, Ha-Ha burst on the street art

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