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Colour and movement = Mimby

Colour and movement = Mimby

Mimby Jones-Robinson is a vibrantly dressed and vivacious woman who adds considerable colour to our streets – not only with her art but in her manner of dressing. She is her own canvas! Although Mimby had been painting on the streets for 10 years, her participation in All Your Walls, a street art event in

She’s a one-off!

Isolde’s contribution to the Melbourne street art scene is in the form of one-off paste-ups! And although they are infrequent due to slowness of technique, her portraits are much anticipated. When they do appear they are a delight to discover! They are realistic renderings in either charcoal or pastel – sometimes which the addition of

Sirum is the antidote for Venom

Andrew Bourke (aka Sirumvsvenom or Sirum1) is not only an artist with exceptional talent, but a genuinely nice guy who’s personable and well respected – always with a ready smile and up for a chat. A semi-rural upbringing and a passionate interest in nature is evidenced in Andrew’s work. Many of his pieces depict reptiles

Size does matter

By Lorraine Ellis For the past 18 months I’ve been intrigued and enchanted by the emergence of miniature art pieces on our streets.  So I decided to speak to some of the local exponents of this phenomenon, Joshua Smith, Tinky and Goon Hugs. Joshua Smith, formally a gallery owner in Adelaide, makes frequent trips to

Guerrilla tactics!

The years have seen Baby Guerrilla’s paste-ups grow literally and figuratively, from A3 to “ginormous”! Princess, the work pictured and installed at Russell Court, is 24 metres high and her largest piece to date. “One day I saw the daughter of some very dear friends with a tiara and a wand in her hand. Inspiration

Paving the way: the bitumen is Drasko’s canvas

My first encounter with Drasko’s stencils was on the footpaths of Windsor and Prahran. But it wasn’t until he ventured into the CBD laneways, that I was to learn of his identity. “My first foray onto the street was with paste-ups but I found this a very expensive means of expression. The other problem was,

Introducing the very unique Gigi

By Lorraine Ellis Gigi is a relative newcomer to the local street art scene and this is the first time we’ve had a chance to engage in conversation.  It was a wide-ranging discussion covering the many facets of life: puppetry, print making, art school, miniatures and society. When Gigi turned 20, she went travelling by

MiKoniK pieces it together

Sometimes known as the Westside Puzzler, MiKoniK’s street art life began as a graffer. This was around 1989 and it led to an early morning visit from the law and him being unceremoniously cuffed and taken away to be interviewed. It was not long after this incident that he legalised his writing skills by taking

The medium is his message

Phoenix is the thinking woman’s paste-up street artist! In our interview, I made the point that he’s the only artist putting up work with any frequency that has a message. Everything else on the street tends to be decorative. To which Phoenix responded: “I think my work is political without it being about partisan politics.

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