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Ageing in vertical place

By Janette Corcoran With the announcement of a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the option of ageing in our vertical villages seems all the more appealing.  By 2056, Australia’s 65-and-over population is projected to reach  8.7 million – with many expected to “stay put” in their homes rather than enter purpose-built facilities.  Referred

Sky gardens

By Janette Corcoran Melbourne may have lost its liveability crown this year but might better green infrastructure help win this back?  “Liveability” has many factors, such as residents feeling safe and socially connected, having affordable housing with linked-up public transport, being able to access health, education and shopping services and, increasingly, being surrounded by robust

Vertical democracies

By Janette Corcoran Democracy, the art of thinking independently together, may be the missing element for vertical village wellbeing, but are we prepared to risk the cost? Strata living is claimed to have its own fourth tier of government, namely the owners’ corporation committee (OCC). This is because the OCC is an elected group, imbued

Luv thy NABERS (for apartments)

By Janette Corcoran Awareness of our vertical living lifestyle is slowly growing, but unfortunately, one key characteristic is that we are “energy guzzling”. According to City of Melbourne, more than 83 per cent of its residents live in apartments and each year, vertical villagers account for 22 per cent of the city’s water usage, 9

SurroundSound in vertical villages

Sleep is not a trivial issue – though the design and diversity within our vertical villages can make it scarce.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), poor sleep is associated with a doubling of heart attack risk and a possible four-fold increase in the risk of stroke. Along with smoking, lack of exercise and

Vertical visions of lord mayoral candidates

By Janette Corcoran Melbourne’s by-election for the lord mayor is fast approaching – but how well do the 14 candidates understand vertical living and what do they offer our burgeoning vertical villages? We vertical dwellers know intimately the appeal and challenges of high-rise living. On the one hand, there are the positives of proximity and

Pets’ peeves of vertical living

By Janette Corcoran 2018 is an Earth Dog Year in Chinese astrology and we are all advised to pay special attention to our health –  but if you actually have a four legged friend, how might their 2018 health be in your vertical village?  Pet keeping in strata communities continues to grow, reflecting the cultural

Speaking up – Communicating in vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran The sheer number of people who reside in “One Big Residence” means that vertical dwellers live amongst strangers – or so many popular portrayals of high-rise, high-density living would have you believe.   Often our lifestyle is criticised for anonymous interactions occurring in towers of isolation where human contact is either deficient

Vertical Smarts

By Janette Corcoran Melbourne is becoming a smart city – but how might this improve our vertical liveability? “Alexa – turn on lights”. “Alexa – play Jingle Bells”. “Alexa – stop now. Please STOP!” Named after the ancient library of Alexandria, Alexa is Amazon’s voice control system and it promises to fulfil your spoken commands

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