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Cities need to be a big part of the solution

Cities need to be a big part of the solution

By Sue Saunders, Residents 3000 More than half the world’s population live in cities. The United Nations estimates that five billion people will be living in cities by 2030. According to Scientific American’s special report in its July issue, cities produce 70 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions and they dirty the air, use up

Owners’ corporations are not boring …

By Susan Saunders, Residents 3000 You live in a high-rise apartment. You think someone else looks after the property – wrong. As soon as you become the owner of a high-rise apartment you automatically become a member of the building’s owners’ corporation (OC).  It is the OC that is responsible for looking after the common

Darling!  There is a SMS from your bin …

There is not enough space to store the bins.  How we can work smarter to solve the problem? Melbourne’s street litter bins collect 4800 tonnes of waste every year. (Source: City of Melbourne website).  As the number of visitors and residents continue to increase, the council has introduced innovations to help keep our city streets

Eyes wide open …

As you walk around this beautiful city what do you see?  What do you enjoy? There is Federation Square with its many cultural events, a gathering place for people to see, hear and enjoy.  Shady trees that save us from the unpleasant heat that is amplified by concrete and asphalt. High-class shops, restaurants and cafes

You live here? How well do you know your city?

Residents 3000 work closely with City Precinct, an active networking group comprising many of the city’s most innovative and interesting small businesses. Residents 3000 is a community group in the full sense of the word.  It is not just about meeting the neighbours.  We like to connect our members with the outstanding small businesses that

Residents 3000 look forward to 2017

Residents 3000 has an active year planned continuing to develop community awareness of Melbourne’s wonders plus the issues that we need to address to keep liveability to a high standard. The first meeting of Residents 3000 will bring members and guests up-to-date with works on the Metro Tunnel. As with last year the community group

Residents endorse city safety initiative

Victoria Police recently launched an innovative advice package to help residents keep themselves and their buildings safe in the city. Residents 3000 has been involved with Victoria Police over some years addressing concerns about how people can be proactive in ensuring their personal safety in a densely-populated area such as our Melbourne CBD. In addition,

Our building has worms …

What did you say?  The Hero apartment building in Russell St has installed a communal worm farm to reduce general waste and to provide compost for residents’ gardens. Earlier this year (February/March), the Hero Owners’ Corporation took part in a City of Melbourne initiative to trial the effectiveness and practicality of installing a worm farm

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