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From community activist to councillor

From community activist to councillor

By Shane Scanlan It’s been interesting to watch Jackie Watts’ transition from community activist to councillor. She clearly struggled during her first term, coming in mid-way through to fill a casual vacancy on a count-back of votes.  This period was marred by a bitter personal dispute with Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and resulted in Cr

Ken and the art of political independence

By Shane Scanlan Cr Ken Ong is very much his own man. He’s a supremely self-confident and forthright maverick with a big, bass voice and an even bigger presence. Unaligned with any other councillors, the self-made-man does things his own way and would prefer not to care what his colleagues think of him. But reality

Where has all the good architecture gone?

By Antony Di Mase There is one problem – there have been few good pieces of architecture built here in the past five years.  This is a shame as the Central Activity Centre has been the heartbeat of Melbourne architecture. For generations Melbourne has re-defined itself from gold rush extravagances to mid-century elegances to a


By Lorraine Ellis So sort after is his work, that glue is not a deterrent to some street art connoisseurs! He is the most stolen (successful or otherwise) artist in the country! This has forced Will to change the composition of the concrete used in the casting of his sculptures but, sadly, his work still

The magic of the stage

At just 26-years of age, CBD resident Jayde Krichet exhibits the confidence and the wisdom of a seasoned stage director. In the middle of rehearsals for her latest direction, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Jayde is at ease encouraging, nudging and guiding the actors to get the required results. Trained at the

Waiting to learn new rules

By Alastair Taylor It’s a new year, we have a new state government, an updated project database and potentially a new planning approval regime for the Capital City Zone which encompasses the CBD, Southbank, Docklands and Fishermans Bend. With the election of the Andrew’s Government at the end of November last year it’s understandable that

A case study in international property expansion

By Andrew Clugston Malaysian listed development group, UEM Sunrise Bhd (“UEMS”), one of Malaysia’s leading property developers has marked its first venture in Australia with the acquisition of two development sites in Melbourne’s central business district. Acquiring sites at 224 LaTrobe St and 23 Mackenzie St for a combined $65 million, UEMS plans to join

Get ready for tropical fruits

By Teage Ezard In Australia, we are blessed with the ability to grow amazing quality tropical fruits, synonymous with south-east Asia, Africa and South America. With summer ever so quickly approaching and sunshine in abundance, these delights will soon be at our disposal. With farms spanning from the Northern Territory, across the east, to far

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