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Much to talk about

Much to talk about

March was a fairly active month with regard to a couple of significant high-rise approvals by the Minister for Planning within the CBD. First cab off the rank was the twin tower Queens Place development, located at 350 Queen St. Queens Place is a twin, 79-level, 246m tower development located in the CBD annex north

Watch out for our petition

In a few weeks the We Live Here movement will be launching a campaign in the form of a petition via to gather support for the regulation of short-term letting in residential buildings. We are hoping for a massive response and encourage you all to get involved. Short-term letting in residential buildings is not

The medium is his message

Phoenix is the thinking woman’s paste-up street artist! In our interview, I made the point that he’s the only artist putting up work with any frequency that has a message. Everything else on the street tends to be decorative. To which Phoenix responded: “I think my work is political without it being about partisan politics.

Snap Send Solve – the app for incident reporting explained

All it takes is a keen eye, a little caring and a smart phone. President John F Kennedy, in his famous inaugural address on January 20, 1961, said: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” As a resident or

Melbourne’s heritage – Saved or not?

Last edition, we looked at eight unprotected heritage buildings in the CBD/Southbank threatened by apartment developments. And the most common response we’ve had to that has been “in this day and age, how is it possible Melbourne is still knocking over its 19th century heritage?” Heritage protection in Melbourne had a fitful start. The destruction

The accidental spread of joy

By Evan Garnes On a sunny day in Flagstaff Gardens, we came across 18-month-year-old Maruko and her owner Kitman Ho. The samoyed was extra eager to get into the park and make new friends, but stopped briefly to say hello. “She is always ready to run up to people to give them a friendly hello

Small discoveries

By Rhonda Dredge A romantic artist connects the viewer to something that is not quite visible. It might be a lighthouse just over the next hill or an exhibition down a small flight of stairs. Two painters at Fort Delta in the Capitol Arcade have included philosophical prompts as platforms for their work. Gervaise Netherway

For Ian, Melbourne is the one and only

By Ella Gibson Having lived in the CBD for the past 22 years, Ian Taylor has seen his fair share of change. “It was a very different place,” he said. “The weekends were absolutely quiet. The department stores were not open on a Sunday and, from memory, were only open Saturday morning. There wasn’t a

Towers threaten unprotected Melbourne heritage

There’s no denying the scale of the change the current generation of apartment towers are bringing to Melbourne’s CBD.   And when change happens this quickly, our planning laws can struggle to keep pace.  As new development sites dry up, our heritage buildings are coming under increasing threat. Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) has identified over

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