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‘City Limits’: a different take

In the August 2015 issue of CBD News, Shane Scanlan, the editor, expressed considerable disappointment with the book City Limits by Grattan Institute academics Jane-Francis Kelly and Paul Donegan. While some disappointment is justified, I think his judgement is too harsh. Perhaps the authors should not have made bold promises to explain “why Australia’s cities

Female Confectioners’ Union Victorian Branch

Female Confectioners’ Union Victorian Branch: Eight Hours Day Float (Eight Hours Day Procession Melbourne), c.1925 The eight-hour day was achieved by stonemasons working on the University of Melbourne quadrangle in April 1856. As other unions gained an eight-hour working day, this was celebrated by the labour movement each May with processions and at the later

Melbourne architect loves her life in the CBD

By Katie Wong Hoy Shelley Roberts extends her hand with a warm smile. She stands in her office, a picture of elegance in her black dress with matching glasses and high heels. Looking at her perfectly co-ordinated accessories, it is no surprise that Shelley is an expert in the field of art and design. Shelley

A very Christmas function

Head to the Rendezvous Hotel on Flinders St in November and December for a very, very Christmas function for your group. The creative chefs at the Rendezvous Hotel have put together a mouth-watering lunch buffet running every Thursday and Friday between November 19 and December 18. Packaged as the “12 Days of Christmas”, the team

Renting trumps retail

By Laura Timberlake The festive season is fast approaching. The tail end of Spring Racing is coming up, only to be followed by numerous events leading up to Christmas. What is a girl to do for clothing options? So many events require a lot of new outfits. That’s where renting comes in. The concept gained

Chareli’s Angel

By Katie Wong Hoy This Maltese Cross Shih Tzu is Chareli’s Angel. Escaping the hustle and bustle in Melbourne’s CBD, Chareli Seet and her dog Wira enjoy a quiet afternoon at Flagstaff Gardens. Wira is a three-year-old Maltese Cross Shih Tzu that captured Chareli’s heart on the website Gumtree. “I just wanted a dog and

The adventures of Pieces

As spring begins to settle in and the weather is becoming a bit warmer, Pieces decided to travel the streets in style by taking one of Melbourne’s famous horse and carriage tours along Swanston St. Back in the early days, horses were the main source of transporting people and goods all over Victoria. These days

Interim planning controls

By Laurence Dragomir Chief amongst planning news in an otherwise quiet period within the CBD is the introduction of the Victorian Government’s new interim planning controls for the CBD and parts of Southbank – Amendment C262 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme. The interim controls see the re-introduction of site plot ratios. Additionally, the City of

New dental clinic

If your pearly whites are in need of some attention then head on over to the city’s newest dental clinic. Located at the base of the Channel 9 building at 717 Bourke St (enter via Aurora Lane), Southern Cross Smiles is close by for local workers and residents and is easily accessible via Southern Cross

Corporate catering in the CBD

It was 1991 and Elizabeth and Andrew Dunoon set out to achieve the Australian dream of owning their own home and business. What started back then as Hannigan’s Cafe in Lonsdale St has today evolved into the highly-successful Elizabeth Andrews Corporate Catering. Andrew recalls that in 1991, business was going from strength to strength until

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