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Painting in Hosier Lane is not legal

Painting in Hosier Lane is not legal

By Adrian Doyle So now it’s official: corporate greed can and does sell out our beautiful city for a quick buck, and the government and police support them in every way they can.  The more-than-distasteful shop known as Culture Kings has done it again. They moved into Hosier Lane to use its credibility and kool

Old Government Printing Office in William Street. Government Printer John Ferres lived in the adjacent cottage.Site now occupied by Supreme Court of Victoria. Image courtesy of State Library of Victoria.

Getting the message out

By David Thompson For society to function, a government needs a means of communicating its rules, regulations and processes with the governed.  Today it is Twitter but in the early days of European settlement around Port Phillip the only means available, apart from word of mouth, was the printed word. Thus even during the first

Akin to Kentucky Diva racing away and streeting the field 

By Chris Mineral The sun is over the yardarm at The Scots Church, Collins and Russell streets. Inside there’s a piano quartet ready to play. The Emerald Hill Quartet (EHQ), the smoothest of smooth.  On the menu, it’s Brahms Piano Concerto No 1, G Minor Opus 25. Hamburg musician Johannes Brahms saw the world premiere in

Artist’s impressions of 17 Spring Street and the Bennetts Lane hotel.

A look at three CBD projects

By Laurence Dragomir In an otherwise-slow news month on the planning front, we take a look at three projects at various stages of their development cycles.  That’s not to say Melbourne has ground to a halt, far from it, with the CBD’s northern and western ends a flurry with construction activity. First up, developer Aust

Puppy Love

By Niccola Anthony Dexter, a two-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua, has stolen the heart of his older (human) sister Victoria. Victoria, who studies marketing at RMIT and lives in the city away from her family, eagerly awaits every visit from her mum as she knows she’ll also have a chance to cuddle her precious Dexter. While it

Lauren follows her dreams

Recent William Angliss event management graduate Lauren Macron can testify to the value of volunteering to gain valuable experience. The highly-motivated student has a history of putting herself forward – with each placement making her more “saleable” and valued for the next. During her time studying an advanced diploma, Lauren volunteered her services for the

Big ideas wanted to dress up Metro Tunnel construction sites

The Metro Tunnel Project has put a call out to Melbourne’s creative industry to ensure Melbourne remains a vibrant and attractive destination during construction of Victoria’s biggest ever public transport project. The creative program will see major worksites and surrounding areas livened up with hoarding artworks, performances and events, designed to bring the worksites to

Vertical democracies

By Janette Corcoran Democracy, the art of thinking independently together, may be the missing element for vertical village wellbeing, but are we prepared to risk the cost? Strata living is claimed to have its own fourth tier of government, namely the owners’ corporation committee (OCC). This is because the OCC is an elected group, imbued

Restoration of a sign of the times

By Tristan Davies Readers may have recently noticed scaffolding coming down from the former Herald and Weekly Times building on Flinders St, completing months of paintstaking restoration on one of our most iconic heritage buildings. Melbourne Heritage Action was lucky enough to be given an exclusive insight by the team at Ivy Constructions into how

An upbeat view on city life

By David Schout On meeting John Dall’Amico at the Kelvin Club, one thing becomes immediately clear when chatting in the club’s cosy surrounds; he’s very involved. “I’m a glutton for committees,” he laughs. And he’s not lying. Mr Dall’Amico is a past president of the private members’ club, along with being the current president of

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