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Melbourne’s student spirit 

Melbourne’s student spirit 

By Chelsea Cucinotta Meet 22-year-old student Jane Lee, whose studies brought her all the way from Singapore to the Melbourne CBD back in 2015.  Jane made the move when she was 19, and said “it was a no-brainer when the University of Melbourne accepted me for the Bachelor of Arts degree”. Since studying history and

The Australian Club 98 – 110 William St 

By Kate Prinsley, Royal Historical Society of Victoria The Australian Club stands at 98-110 William St, Melbourne, on the south east corner of Little Collins St, continuously occupying the site for more than a century.  The club was established in 1878 as clubrooms and a lodging house for businessmen, one of nine clubs founded in

Behind the scenes – building safety

By Sue Saunders, Residents 3000 As a CBD resident, how aware are you of your building manager’s responsibilities to keep your building safe and secure? The basic areas that need regular attention are provisions to deal with fire, water quality, waste, heating, cooling and ventilation, electrical and gas services, security access and general maintenance. Fire

Litter from the heavens

By Janette Corcoran, SkyPad Living Recycling is one way of dealing with high-rise waste but, unfortunately,  there are other routes taken by our rubbish.   Building based recycling is growing in popularity for vertical dwellers and we are told that there are just two key ingredients. The first is the recycling facility that best suits

Step up, Minister

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action Avid readers of this column will remember our celebration last year when the City of Melbourne finalised the West Melbourne Heritage Review, extending protection to many important places on the CBD fringe, with only the signature of the planning minister needed to put them into the planning scheme.  What

Market and State Library lead the way

By Laurence Dragomir, Urban Melbourne October brings with it warmer (hopefully) and longer days along with an update on some key projects happening within the city. Starting with the Queen Victoria Market where the City of Melbourne has voted to pursue a revised design proposal for the below ground operational area at the western end of

The secret life of Melbourne’s boarding houses

By Dana Foenander, Melbourne Heritage Action You’ve probably driven past them a million times and wondered what occurs behind the doors of Melbourne’s ghostly mansions.  They are giant, and often dilapidated, heritage buildings that never seem to change over time and stand mysteriously in various inner city locations. Well you may be surprised to know

Fink’s Buildings

By Kate Prinsley When built in 1888, at a cost of 110,000(pounds), Fink’s Building was one of Melbourne’s tallest office blocks.  Designed by noted Melbourne architects Twentyman and Askew (also responsible for the Block Arcade), the building epitomises the speculative early 1890s period. It was built by and named after the notorious land financier Benjamin

Rescue dog the source of happiness

By Chelsea Cucinotta More than three years ago, CBD residents David William Shiel and Donna Lobartolo Shiel adopted their dog Bonnie through pet rescue.  Bonnie, who will be 10 in October, is a crossbreed Jack Russell/bull terrier. Growing up with childhood pets, both David and Donna decided their stable home and lifestyle would be ideal

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