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Safe and secure in our vertical villages

Safe and secure in our vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran, apartment living expert Safe City, Liveable City, EcoCity, Resilient City, Smart City, Knowledge City, Compassionate City – our Melbourne is a multi-themed and highly-considered metropolis!   Last month, for instance, Melbourne played host to the international EcoCity World Summit, which had as a theme Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations – and aimed

Local company takes on the world – and wins!

QA Software is a success story for our city. Based in St Kilda Rd, the company received a City of Melbourne export grant in 2006 and recently opened an office in Denver, USA. Last year QA beat a field of 10 international rivals to become the preferred in-house provider to America’s fourth-largest engineering and construction

Metro Tunnel Monthly Update: August

CBD NORTH Happened or happening in July Piling in Franklin St progressing, with about 40 per cent of piles completed. Works to relocate services taking place, including power, telecommunications, sewer, water and gas. Minor modifications to the road network are continuing to increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. August Service relocations expected to be

Flammable cladding: residents ignored 

By We Live Here The Victorian Government Cladding Taskforce examining flammable cladding does not include a key stakeholder group – the strata owners that would end up having to manage any remediation works.  We Live Here, as the state’s major residents’ group representing more than 200 apartment buildings, says owners’ corporations need to have a

Finding ghosts and inspiration in Chinatown

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action It’s mid-afternoon in Melbourne and I’m surrounded by the familiar heritage buildings in Chinatown, though without much time to appreciate them. In a rush on the way to a workout before an appointment, I decide to take a shortcut via Brein Lane, which leads from Little Bourke St into

The Age of Innocence

By Lorraine Ellis Fine artist Julian Clavijo is the only local artist I’m aware of who’s attempted a reverse transition i.e. from the gallery wall to using the street as his canvas!  I liken him to an iceberg – with the tip being his street art participation. But there’s so much more depth to this

Baby it’s cold outside

By Maria Doogan, CBD worker One thing led to another and then another and I found myself reading an article about the recent discovery of the coldest known object in the universe.  An “ultra-cold” (great description right? – very unscientific!) nebula – colder than the natural background temperature of empty space, with a temperature of

City ambassador

Melanie Ashe said she was surprised by the rich sense of community when she moved to the CBD nine years ago.  After many years living in the suburbs, Ms Ashe was not expecting to make friends so quickly in the CBD. “Everyone seems to know each other around here, and that was a huge surprise.

Short-stays: Let owners decide

By We Live Here The Victorian Parliament’s Environment and Planning Committee has recommended significant changes to a Bill before Parliament aimed at regulating short-stay accommodation. After a successful campaign by We Live Here, the Short-stay Accommodation Bill was blocked in the upper house and referred to Parliament’s Environment and Planning Committee. The committee included Labor,

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