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Interstellar Cigars

Interstellar Cigars

Gary Numan was at the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne. There, amidst the neon buzzing of the Joseph Kosuth show A Short History of my Thought, you could hear the intro to a Gary Numan song, the magnificent droning prelude before 20th-century analogue synths kick in. The Joseph Kosuth show is a whole collection of neon

Vertical Smarts

By Janette Corcoran Melbourne is becoming a smart city – but how might this improve our vertical liveability? “Alexa – turn on lights”. “Alexa – play Jingle Bells”. “Alexa – stop now. Please STOP!” Named after the ancient library of Alexandria, Alexa is Amazon’s voice control system and it promises to fulfil your spoken commands

Where did Bergerac go?

“Down the street and around the corner” is the answer to the question: Where did Bergerac restaurant disappear to after 32 years in King St? Chef owner Jean-François Enconniere (pictured right with staff) found new premises earlier this year but says some CBD locals still don’t know where Bergerac is. The CBD’s favourite French restaurant

CBD is home for at least a while

By Sunny Liu The CBD is 21-year-old Chinese student Yuri Ye’s home for the next two years. Like the thousands of other international students calling the CBD their temporary home, Ms Ye said she would wait and see where life took her but would not likely settle down in Melbourne indefinitely. “I’m not sure if

Dead democracy

Recently we have witnessed a massive change to our city and in particular our skyline. Whilst Melbourne is a far more vibrant city than a few years ago, most people are against the increasing “verticality” of the CBD with the current trend towards very closely packed high rise buildings – closer packed that developing cities

Another big year for CBD planning

By Lawrence Dragomir, Urban Melbourne What was initially a relatively quiet beginning to 2017 is fast drawing to a close with progress being made on a flurry of projects. Charter Hall’s $600 million Wesley Place project at 130 Lonsdale St is now underway with ground works signalling the commencement of construction on the premium grade

Co-working space re-imagined

If you’re looking for a new office, it’s worth considering that private offices in co-working spaces can provide a meaningful alternative to conventional spaces. As it happens, Fitzroy is getting its very own purpose-built co-working space, the company’s called United Co. Its aim is to provide an inspired space that supports workers in this new

Charity begins in Bourke St

By Rhonda Dredge Publishers are rushing out Christmas specials this year to make people think. Myer’s sells cards to support the needy but the publishing industry can be just as charitable.  Boxes were arriving at bookshops as early as September. By October the specials were laid out on tables for bookshops to recommend. One delivery

Melbourne’s 1854 Exhibition 

By Rosemary Cameron, Royal Historical Society of Victoria In 1851 London staged The Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace, Hyde Park.  Six million people passed through those crystal doors and the event became a defining point of the nineteenth century. Spurred by London’s success, industrial nations competed to showcase their innovative engineering and scientific advances.

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