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Just Stellar

By Chris Mineral Music is a large part of Minneapolis, as is self-taught animation artist Tom Schroeder. The third and final instalment in Tom Schroeders Bike trilogy screened at this year’s Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) at the Australian Centre Moving Image (ACMI), Federation Square. At the 2017 MIAF, Schroeder visited Melbourne as a guest

Gough Music Spark

By Chris Mineral Jack Ladder surveyed the scene at Rocksteady Records, Mitchell House, Lonsdale St, CBD.  Blue Poles, his new album was on the shelves. Vinyl. That is what matters. And he was there to launch it. Cognoscenti, arms folded anticipated a stellar performance. Ladder put on his shades, the Brown Fox turned off his phone.

Space Debris Office

By Chris Mineral Ava Gardner, Monaco Club 1954, height of summer, watching Quincy Jones on the bandstand conducting the orchestra.  Everyone is waiting for Frank Sinatra. Commotion at the back of the club, gigawattage spotlight finds Frank Sinatra there, he is in meet-and-greet mode. Frank and Ava look at one another … Courtney and Dave

Callisto Woman near Ganymede

By Chris Mineral Many years ago, a woman is walking through undulating countryside with a grey horse, like Chautauqua.  The horse hears her singing: “All I want, is to one day know myself” and, meanwhile, the Cassini spacecraft, near Saturn directs one of its scientific cameras to take in the edge of the rings of

Sweet Country

By Chris Mineral The amber light on the switchboard lit up.  Late cold night, a desert wind. At the station, the radio announcer picked up the phone. Brief introductions, and then the request – to play Johnny Cash singing Peace In The Valley … There are a trifecta of songs of note from the superb Warwick

Interstellar Cigars

Gary Numan was at the Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne. There, amidst the neon buzzing of the Joseph Kosuth show A Short History of my Thought, you could hear the intro to a Gary Numan song, the magnificent droning prelude before 20th-century analogue synths kick in. The Joseph Kosuth show is a whole collection of neon

An experience of sublimation 

By Chris Mineral Rommel was in North Africa and Colonus the mudlark won the Melbourne Cup the year the MSO first performed Debussy’s La Mer. Debussy inspired Maurice Jarre, the French film composer who sired Jean-Michel Jarre, whose Oxygene 4 would be the theme music for the 1980 Americas Cup updates from Newport Rhode Island.

Daughter of Mustang Ford

By Chris Mineral  Deborah Conway did not come to the Athenaeum Library Reading Room for a look around.  Conway was there to sing songs and have a yack to Jenny Vallentish, library member, rock journo and inquisitor. Her musical foil Willy Zygier was by her side. Crowded house at the reading room on September 8

Heinous Hounds cherry hot cherry blue

By Chris Mineral Sunday arvos at the Cherry Bar and Max Crawdaddy and co have the blues happening.  On occasion, a disparate group of musos called The Heinous Hounds are assembled, cajoled, rounded up and appear on stage. At times, they are an utter shambolic train wreck, trying to figure out what key the song

Lovetown at the library

By Chris Mineral The Burke and Wills monument had been removed, hoardings had been placed around City Square, Chautaqua had won the TJ Smith Stakes at Randwick racecourse and nearby at the Athenaeum Library on Collins St, a full house awaited the arrival of the singer/songwriter Stephen Cummings.  The Melbourne ambience was overcast, grey and

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