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Dead democracy

Dead democracy

Recently we have witnessed a massive change to our city and in particular our skyline. Whilst Melbourne is a far more vibrant city than a few years ago, most people are against the increasing “verticality” of the CBD with the current trend towards very closely packed high rise buildings – closer packed that developing cities

Letters to the Editor – Oct 2017

Support for Eq Tower story I have just come across the article “Complaints about brand new tower” about Brittany Li while I was having lunch today. I’m also a resident in Eq Tower – a brand-new and seemingly-luxury building . The water leakage from the air-conditioning that Brittany was talking about was true. One of

Bad taste

I note there is usually very little in this lightweight paper, especially reading the latest edition. Rarely is there anything about the homeless adorning the streets of Melbourne. All the spruiking electoral candidates carefully sidestepped any reference to this huge problem. Or perhaps I missed it? Whatever the public and traders think about this situation

Discriminatory terminology 

Repeating the discriminatory terminology used by a persecutor to demonise its victims is tantamount to aiding the cause of that persecutor.   I refer to: “Banished faith finds home in Melbourne”, issue 24 CBD News. Millions of innocent people have been persecuted for 17 years by the Chinese Communist Party simply for putting their faith

Is it really liveable?

Is the world’s number one liveable city really that liveable? Many of its streets and pathways are blocked off or bottle necked with restrictions and diversions for construction work everywhere. Where do the ordinary, everyday needs of people come into this, i.e. this fabulous liveability? It is often complete and utter mayhem, especially if you

Council must help animals

A recent (September 28) report in The Age highlighted a local case of extreme animal cruelty that the RSPCA is investigating in Melbourne’s CBD.  A dog was stuffed into a suitcase and dumped in a garbage room of an apartment tower. This dog has been abused over a long period and ultimately met a violent and horrific death.

Who benefits from market plan?

QVM redevelopment sounds good until you look at the detail.  Improvements can be made to the market without destroying it as we know it. Who benefits from the new plan? It won’t benefit shoppers. Having up-market restaurants and entertainment won’t help them.  People go to the market to shop, not to be entertained. It won’t


Keep up the good work Thank you for the CBD News. Your article “Walls go up on CBD space” was very interesting. I live opposite the Little Collins St site. A planning application was approved for a 16-storey office building on this site in 2011 which, thankfully, fell through (although it will remain current for

Good news from VCAT, but much more to be done

The Wesley Historic Precinct Action Group (WHPAG) congratulates the Melbourne City Council (MCC) for the firm stand its planning officers took in defending the city’s refusal of the town planning permit application by Brady Jones Pty Ltd for 109-111 Little Lonsdale St. It is indeed good news that VCAT supported the original refusal by the

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