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Heritage Victoria steps up

Some recent decisions affecting CBD heritage have affirmed that Heritage Victoria (HV) no longer wants to be seen as a rubber stamp – as many involved in heritage activism have thought it had become over the past decade. Readers of last month’s MHA column will know of Victoria University’s plans to demolish large parts of

Towering over the Titles Office

By Rohan Storey, Melbourne Heritage Action The Title Office in Queen St is one of Victoria’s major 19th century public buildings.  It was built in stages between the 1870s and 1880s, until it filled an entire city block, and was designed by JJ Clarke, best known for designing the Old Treasury when he was 19-years-old.

Reasons to be cheerful

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action As the end of another year approaches, Melbourne’s heritage arcades are filled with decorations, the art deco Myer windows are displaying their 62nd Christmas windows and Flinders Street Station’s long-awaiting restoration is finally unwrapping itself as a present to all of the city.  What better time to look at

Are missing floors missing heritage?

These days, more and more heritage activists and city planners are faced with the question of how additions to historic buildings should be managed. These could be small wall or roof additions, or the addition of multiple new levels. And how do these additions affect its later heritage status? But what do we do when

The Australian Club 98 – 110 William St 

By Kate Prinsley, Royal Historical Society of Victoria The Australian Club stands at 98-110 William St, Melbourne, on the south east corner of Little Collins St, continuously occupying the site for more than a century.  The club was established in 1878 as clubrooms and a lodging house for businessmen, one of nine clubs founded in

Step up, Minister

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action Avid readers of this column will remember our celebration last year when the City of Melbourne finalised the West Melbourne Heritage Review, extending protection to many important places on the CBD fringe, with only the signature of the planning minister needed to put them into the planning scheme.  What

The secret life of Melbourne’s boarding houses

By Dana Foenander, Melbourne Heritage Action You’ve probably driven past them a million times and wondered what occurs behind the doors of Melbourne’s ghostly mansions.  They are giant, and often dilapidated, heritage buildings that never seem to change over time and stand mysteriously in various inner city locations. Well you may be surprised to know

Delights revealed as scaffolds come down

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action Scaffolding going up on heritage buildings is often a worrying sign that demolition of facades is soon to follow, but a number of scaffolds coming down recently have revealed much better news. On Elizabeth St, just past the market, the retained front of a Victorian building with stunning bronze

Walking the streets for the sake of heritage

Melbourne Heritage Action’s first ever walking tour took to the streets of the CBD in May, with both tour participants and tour guide learning more than they expected. The education extended way beyond the subject of the tour – CBD Pubs – and included the wider wealth of social histories surrounding much of our city’s

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