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Health and Wellbeing

By Kathryn Anderson Fast for the hungry Remember those weekends as a teenager, surviving on nothing but barley sugar and water? Cast your mind back to your teen years and the words “40 Hour Famine” might conjure up fun weekends raising money for World Vision and this year marks its 40th anniversary. To raise awareness

Health and Wellbeing

By Kathryn Anderson Going dry this July Dry July is now in its eighth year. Dry July encourages all of us to quit booze for a month. As well as the health benefits that can be gained by going alcohol-free, the main aim of Dry July is to raise money for 47 beneficiaries to support

Health and Wellbeing

Can you kickstart my health campaign? Why do I need a health campaign? People start a health campaign to lose weight. However, even those who are not overweight should dedicate consistent time to their health. Research shows that purely by having a sedentary, desk-based job we are at higher risk of health issues later in

Fancy some free Bollywood?

Fancy some free Bollywood? As part of the City of Melbourne’s “100 Ways to Move” program, Melburnians get an opportunity to channel their inner film-star! Bollywood dancing is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Indian film culture while getting some extra exercise and, thanks to Shebeen in Manchester Lane, you can try it

Get outdoors

By Kathryn Anderson Wiggle your hips If you prefer sensible shoes to the wheeled variety, then the Salsa Foundation’s intro classes might be more up your alley! As a dance company which is “dedicated to teaching you how to love dancing” the Salsa Foundation has opened its doors to the open air from November to

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