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Even darker

By Rhonda Dredge The last day of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival fell on Sunday, September 2. A reader, feeling a bit low, rushed into the city, hoping to find inspiration among the wordsmiths and soothsayers of the day. The reader hadn’t booked for any sessions but hoped to mingle with a literary crowd out for

Disconnected from place and cause

By Rhonda Dredge Nature and all of its anarchies was put on a pedestal in June as the literary industry fired up with two bookshops offering wine and ideas for the wintery months ahead. The bookshops occupy a similar habitat in the CBD, tailoring their good reads to suit the individual. The Paperback runs a

Did the earth move for you?

Rhonda Dredge The facade is light brown stone with chiaroscuro in the monumental sunken windows at the top, which peek out above the trees of Swanston St like an alien intelligence. Five galleries are hidden within the bunker as are other altruistic groups dedicated to romancing culture. This month demolition began on the annex of

Someone is following

By Rhonda Dredge The Shoalhaven area up the east coast holds a special place in the hearts of even the most jaded nature watchers.  Sea eagles soar, shags sit on rocks and kingfish swim just offshore at dawn. Even humans have left their strange detritus in a series of shipwrecks memorialised in legend. A recent

Pining for a lover

By Rhonda Dredge Last year someone at Dymocks bookstore in Collins St left a stray novel amongst those on the 2017 Stella Prize shortlist for women’s writing and the CBD News picked it up mistakenly out of the pile of hopefuls. An Uncertain Grace by Krissy Kneen had just been released and must have missed

The emptiness of status

By Rhonda Dredge Curators tend to look at the careers of artists, their exhibition history, critical assessment published in art magazines and updates of the artist’s website to provide an objective measure of their status.  These are key signifiers of how much attention an artist pays to their followers and how much he/she might be

Scandalous times

Critic by Rhonda Dredge There is a naive belief that media exposure will help bring problems into the spotlight, leading to their solution and justice for injured parties. Dr Alex Ling of Western Sydney University has travelled down the east coast to comment on the scandal at the town hall.  The case of the Lord

Charity begins in Bourke St

By Rhonda Dredge Publishers are rushing out Christmas specials this year to make people think. Myer’s sells cards to support the needy but the publishing industry can be just as charitable.  Boxes were arriving at bookshops as early as September. By October the specials were laid out on tables for bookshops to recommend. One delivery

On being a goddess …

By Rhonda Dredge What a relief it is to indulge in fantasy at the show in Craft Victoria’s new gallery in Watson Place just off Flinders Lane. Strange headpieces for goddesses hang off the ceiling, oversized earrings dangle from imaginary ears and warrior vests in brilliant orange dissolve into the general moodiness of the display.

Wearne and his mates

By Rhonda Dredge The world might have become more tonal but our poets still have an ear for the old vernacular. We were an upfront lot who didn’t leave much to the imagination. Alan Wearne, in his latest book These Things are Real, is blunt, threadbare and sardonic – forever the lad. The old guard

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