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The secret life of Melbourne’s boarding houses

The secret life of Melbourne’s boarding houses

By Dana Foenander, Melbourne Heritage Action You’ve probably driven past them a million times and wondered what occurs behind the doors of Melbourne’s ghostly mansions.  They are giant, and often dilapidated, heritage buildings that never seem to change over time and stand mysteriously in various inner city locations. Well you may be surprised to know

Fink’s Buildings

By Kate Prinsley When built in 1888, at a cost of 110,000(pounds), Fink’s Building was one of Melbourne’s tallest office blocks.  Designed by noted Melbourne architects Twentyman and Askew (also responsible for the Block Arcade), the building epitomises the speculative early 1890s period. It was built by and named after the notorious land financier Benjamin

Rescue dog the source of happiness

By Chelsea Cucinotta More than three years ago, CBD residents David William Shiel and Donna Lobartolo Shiel adopted their dog Bonnie through pet rescue.  Bonnie, who will be 10 in October, is a crossbreed Jack Russell/bull terrier. Growing up with childhood pets, both David and Donna decided their stable home and lifestyle would be ideal

Realism and fantasy

By Lorraine Ellis, StreetsmART She’s street art’s sweetheart! Kaff-Eine is a much-loved artist with a huge following. She was originally known for her poignant, sometimes whimsical, simple black and white line drawings that celebrated the human condition. About six years ago these artworks began to appear, mostly in paste-up form, throughout the inner-city suburbs. “I’ve

Metro Tunnel Monthly Update: September

CBD North A major milestone for the Metro Tunnel Project was achieved in August, with all early works service relocations in A’Beckett St completed. Preparation works for piling at A’Beckett St are progressing. Almost 70 piles are needed at this location to support the walls around the shafts and prevent soil from collapsing during excavation.

Cities need to be a big part of the solution

By Sue Saunders, Residents 3000 More than half the world’s population live in cities. The United Nations estimates that five billion people will be living in cities by 2030. According to Scientific American’s special report in its July issue, cities produce 70 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions and they dirty the air, use up

Urban forests in a concrete jungle

By Janette Corcoran, SkyPad Living For a seventh consecutive year Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) –  but how liveable are our fast growing high density precincts? Skipping over the vexed issue of what precisely the EUI measures when assessing “liveability”, it is interesting that its

Fight for sign lost in Supreme Court 

By Mark Marsden, Victorian Planning Reports Big outdoor advertising company, Octopus Media, has lost its fight in the Supreme Court to erect a new electronic sign on the rooftop at 500 Flinders St. It was reported in the March edition of CBD News that Octopus Media failed to win VCAT support to erect the new

It’s all about Metro Tunnel

By Laurence Dragomir, Urban Melbourne The biggest planning news to occur during an otherwise quiet month in Melbourne was the announcement that the Cross Yarra Partnership was the successful bidder for the Tunnel and Stations availability-based, private-public partnership (PPP) contract. The city-changing project will create 5000 jobs during the construction of five new underground stations

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