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Scandalous times

Scandalous times

Critic by Rhonda Dredge There is a naive belief that media exposure will help bring problems into the spotlight, leading to their solution and justice for injured parties. Dr Alex Ling of Western Sydney University has travelled down the east coast to comment on the scandal at the town hall.  The case of the Lord

墨市政府 – 闭门决策之最

墨尔本市仍然是一个最隐秘的大都市市政,其中四分之一以上的决策是闭门造车的。 州政府12月1日公布了对地方政府绩效的年度调查报告,墨尔本市政在涉及决策公开方面做得越来越差。 在2015至2016年度,墨尔本市政作出的秘密决策数占26.65%,但上个财政年度却高达28.85%。 作为借口,市政说这一年度整体决策数量较少,导致秘密决策数量比例较高。 市政还表示:“相比2015-2016年度的105个秘密决策,上个年度的秘密会议决策的总数实际上减少到了90个。 整个维州的秘密决策数平均为9.49%,近年来一直在稳步下降。 维多利亚州内有两个地方市政在2016-17年度,其所有的决策都是公开的, 一个是大丹德农(Greater Dandenong)市政, 另一个是亚历山大·希尔山(Mt Alexander Shire)市政。 东吉普斯兰(The Shire of East Gippsland)市政的这方面的纪录最差,达41.5%,但他们解释说39个秘密决策中的34个都与合同事务有关,不像大多数市政,他们的市政议会没有权力把决策权下放给市政官员。 这次公布的维州范围内秘密决策数量百分比中,大都市中继墨尔本之后的下一个最坏纪录的市政是弗兰克斯顿(Frankston)占17.4%,在远郊的市政议会中,最差的是米尔杜拉(Mildura)占20.5%以及拉筹伯(LaTrobe)占17.3%。

“The Smith House” – 300 Queen St

By David Thompson, Royal Historical Society of Victoria The Lord Mayor lampooned and criticised for questionable electioneering tactics! No, not 2018, we have stepped back in time 167 years.  The Lord Mayor was John Thomas Smith, known as the “Dick Whittington of the South” as he was seven times lord mayor between 1851 and 1864.

Privy Council gets it, Andrews doesn’t

By We Live Here The Privy Council in London has unanimously ruled that strata corporations may enforce by-laws to restrict short-term letting. Last month, the Lordships found that the by-law-making power of a strata corporation is very wide, and any by-law that purports to restrict the use of a lot for “residential purposes” is valid.

Did someone say cricket?

Australia’s summer isn’t complete without watching The Ashes!  Over 100,000 Australian’s donned their country’s colours as Australia took back the urn from England to win the series 4-0. Cricket is a sport for all Australians – from the backyard to the beach all you need is some friends, a set of wickets, a bat and

Acoustic sheds are erected

Here is what will be happening at the Metro Tunnel project during February.  The Metro Tunnel Project appreciates people’s support while we undertake these vital works and urge caution around our sites. Please help us support local businesses affected by Metro Tunnel construction by continuing to visit them while works take place. Visit for

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