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Guidance from the best for budding chefs

Guidance from the best for budding chefs

Guidance from the best for budding chefs By David Schout The world of high-end cuisine is a sink-or-swim environment. Once thrown in the deep end, you’re expected to stay afloat and thrive despite testing circumstances. And as executive chef at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Jason Camillo knows that the more experience budding chefs can get in

Bold new station designs revealed

Final station designs for the Metro Tunnel have been unveiled, including new images of State Library and Town Hall stations.  The designs combine functionality, space and natural light with the latest in public transport infrastructure design. The bold station designs make station layouts as easy as possible for passengers to navigate, while ensuring the structures

Where government found a home

By David Thompson Although today Spring St is synonymous with government, in Melbourne’s early days, government was centred on the western end of what is now the CBD. Superintendent La Trobe and other government officials occupied a range of temporary accommodation in the area, including John Batman’s old house near Batman’s Hill. In 1843 James

Planning rules target corner buildings

By Tristan Davies In June, the last CBD pub that didn’t have heritage protection, the 1925 Metropolitan Hotel on the corner of William St and Little Lonsdale, became the latest place threatened by the little-known ‘”80m on corners” rule. A development proposal would see just the external walls retained, and a 27-storey “as of right”

The city is waiting

By Rhonda Dredge Two arched doorways beckon in pearly white marble. A figure is standing between them, about to make a decision. Both options appear to be equally viable. Sandra Bruce is the player. She is in an imaginary space but one that also exists in an historical sense on the site of Melbourne’s first

Overshadowing restriction for park

By Mark Marsden VCAT has again supported both the City of Melbourne and Minister for Planning in ensuring that new skyscrapers in the southern part of the CBD do not overshadow Birrarung Marr. The case, 63 Exhibition Street Pty Ltd v Minister for Planning [2018] VCAT 861, went to mediation at the tribunal in December

Balcombe Laneway no longer sad

By Susan Saunders When walking down Little Collins St recently I was surprised to note that the formerly messy lane, full of overflowing large bins and crates strewn about, was clear and open. Right down the end of the lane was a futuristic looking, container like object. It was a huge compactor that now takes

Heritage issues in the spotlight

By Laurence Dragomir Earlier this year, the City of Melbourne received an application for a development at 124-130 Russell St which would see the existing Theosophical Society building make way for a 13-storey hotel above two basement levels. The existing structure dates back to 1923 but was marketed during 2017 as having no heritage protection. Beyond the

Luv thy NABERS (for apartments)

By Janette Corcoran Awareness of our vertical living lifestyle is slowly growing, but unfortunately, one key characteristic is that we are “energy guzzling”. According to City of Melbourne, more than 83 per cent of its residents live in apartments and each year, vertical villagers account for 22 per cent of the city’s water usage, 9

Hosier is the worst

By Adrian Doyle So, I’ve got two things to talk about this month – the first is the state of Hosier Lane. I know I have discussed Hosier Lane in the past. It has however, become even worse. There is bad art as far as the eye can see. I wouldn’t even rate Hosier in the

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