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Library transformed 

On the night of Friday, May 12, teens ran through the halls of the State Library of Victoria discovering hidden clues and secrets. Presented by LaTrobe University and the State Library, Poison Cabinet is the only event of its kind in Australia. Aimed at teaching students real-life skills in a unique way, Poison Cabinet transformed

Lots of activity in the CBD

The last month has seen a lot of development activity. VCAT has decided in favour of Brady Group’s 30-storey building at 274-278 Little Lonsdale St replacing the historic Phillips Shirts building. Originally planned as a 59-storey residential tower, it has been redesigned to minimise its visual impact and bulk while covering a blank concrete wall in

Darling!  There is a SMS from your bin …

There is not enough space to store the bins.  How we can work smarter to solve the problem? Melbourne’s street litter bins collect 4800 tonnes of waste every year. (Source: City of Melbourne website).  As the number of visitors and residents continue to increase, the council has introduced innovations to help keep our city streets

Walking the streets for the sake of heritage

Melbourne Heritage Action’s first ever walking tour took to the streets of the CBD in May, with both tour participants and tour guide learning more than they expected. The education extended way beyond the subject of the tour – CBD Pubs – and included the wider wealth of social histories surrounding much of our city’s

Hitting rock bottom

Down in the bedrock of the CBD, office workers on lunch break are letting go of their city cool to listen to the passion of indigenous singers. “My mum was taken from her mum when she was eight and grew up in Port Augusta,” says Elaine Crombie of the Pitjanjtajtarra people. “She ended up in

Keep Calm and carry on stencilling!

Calm’s paste-ups are infrequent but much anticipated. And when they do appear they pack quite a punch – with a strong message attached to them. Whilst many pieces are humourous, others indicate that the artist has a political and environmental conscience, with a strong sense of injustice. He gives voice to sentiments that many of

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