CBD Local

Words to get by

Rhonda Dredge If you live in the CBD everything you need might be just a block away.  Your morning coffee is a one minute walk up Flinders Lane. Your half-price Monday movie is a short tram ride up Collins St. Groceries can be carried in a shoulder bag. If you have a walking stick and

Pets Corner

Helps around the office, addicted to fetch

By Jessica Carrascalao Heard You’d think the hustle and bustle of a CBD office would not be a dog-friendly place. But toy poodle Tucker is no stranger to office life. His owner, Megan Lewis, has been bringing him to work since he was a puppy. “I got him on a Wednesday, so the Thursday and

Street Art

I want to create a “Space Bank”

By Adrian Doyle In the 1990s Melbourne was a very different city. It was a suburban city, with elements of the 1950s still holding influence. People would finish work and catch the train home to suburbia – like in John Brack’s Collins St 5pm. However, in the mid 90s there was a clear shift in the way

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