CBD Local

Alex Robertson – living the dream

By Shane Scanlan Having been sent from the country to work in Melbourne in 1941, local resident Alex Robertson has seen a few changes! The lucid 90-year-old is still active in business and plans to be around for a while yet. “Mum lived ‘til 97 and dad died at 94 so I’m confident of a

Pets Corner

From show dog to city gal 

By Medha Vernekar  Ruby, a 10-month-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, takes a break from the spotlight as a former show dog to stroll around the Flagstaff Gardens with her owner Lynda Clark.  Ms Clark, who has been living in West Melbourne for two years now, adopted Ruby last October with her husband from a show dog

Street Art

The cost of culture 

By Adrian Doyle, Blender Studios founder and director It was in 2001 when I moved into the giant warehouse at 110 Franklin St.  It was a dream come true, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it, (I was on the dole), but I knew that it was something special. A few

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