CBD Local

CBD brings the perfect lifestyle

By Sunny Liu Having lived in the CBD for the past two years, recent RMIT University graduate Cindy Wang said her lifestyle had changed dramatically since making the city change. Ms Wang came from China to study a Masters of Media and Communications at RMIT University in 2016 and was surprised at how inconvenient it

Pets Corner

Double trouble in harness

By Kathryn Lewis  Kathy Sun and her partner Brendan Lee have been regulars at Flagstaff Gardens for a couple of years since they got Bubble, their Japanese Spitz.  Today they had two energetic pups on their hands as they were also looking after their friend’s Poodle / Cocker Spaniel cross, Oreo. The two dogs were

Street Art

Empire of Melbourne

By Adrian Doyle, Blender Studios I have spent some of this month fixing up and re-doing the lanes at the north of the CBD.  We have been painting Lovelands and the Blender Lane. The lanes had begun to look messy and some of the art had been slashed by tags. So we painted over the

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